Sri. Vinodraj S, Chief Librarian, City Central Libraries,Hosapete, Vijayanagar District  
For me my degree college means excitement, my college days pass in front of my eyes for a moment. Our teachers not only teach books but also told me about the happenings in the world and gave me tips about competitive exams. Even the campus of our college inspired me to read, I now miss the memories altogether. I am making it to my current position I say it's because of my degree college, Lastly Twinkle Twinkle Little Star,My College is Super Star Of My Life Thank you my College.  
Sri. Somanna Kolaje, Physical Instructor, Morarji Desai Residential College, Koppal  
I am happy to be a product of this esteemed institution. GFGCK not only provides a platform to enrich academically but also emphasize on the all-around development of the student. It provided a lot of opportunities for students to showcase their talents, which include dancing, singing, and rapping both individually or as a group. These activities create a very pleasant and enriching atmosphere for students as well as teachers as we enjoy it a lot.  
Sri. Ganesh Horatatnal, District President,  SC Cell, Bharatiya Janata Party  
My experience at GFGCK is great and memorable. The college helped us enhance my academic and interpersonal skills. I am thankful to all the staff who are always ready to help.  In the last I am saying that The World is here at GFG College, Koppal.  
Sri. Mounesh Kammar, District Secretary, OBC Cell. Bharatiya Janata Party  
GFGCK is the college where we are able to develop our personality as well as knowledge and skills through different training given by the Institute. In this Institute we are not only able to get the knowledge about the subject but also about the outer world.  
Smt. Nagaratna, Taluka Backward Classes Welfare Officer, Koppal  
GFGCK is one of the finest institutes where education seeks the reality. It has got a full fledge infrastructure, experienced faculty and a good quality of education. It is a beautiful combination of learning, fun and experience.  
Sri. Moula Hussain, PG Student   
Institution with quality education and well disciplined .A good platform to groom one's career. With the dedicated faculty, giving the best of their knowledge to teaching.  
Sri. Khajasaba, Ph.D Scholar,  Kannada University, Hampi  
GFGCK gives you an opportunity to think out of box and emphasis on practical knowledge along with the theoretical aspects. You enjoy the freedom to think, to express yourself and broaden your knowledge in all areas. The faculty are well experienced, dedicated and show genuine desire to help students to achieve their goals.  
Sri. Sangamesh, JRF Student  
My experience at Government College is great and memorable. The teachers are really helpful and helped me to improve my academic and interpersonal skills.  
Sri. Praveen Kitnur, Ph.D Scholar, Kannada University, Hampi  
Life in GFGCK has been a breathtaking experience. All the Faculty members, mentors and everyone in GFGCK family have been a great help and a strong support. This place has immensely added to my persona and I will always cherish the memories I shared with this place.  







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