Mission Vision and Goals



To be one of the premier institution by achieving excellence in academic, social, cultural, spiritual and skilful development.  ‘’Thus   to train the students from the perspective of developing democratic values  and employability skills through the quality teaching of theoretical and empirical dimensions of    Course   aiming to strengthen civil    society and good governance to ensure inclusive development.’’


  1. To impart Quality education that meets the needs of present and future.
  2. To strive hard for the betterment of students  achievement and success preparing them for life and leadership.
  3. To provide supportive environment that enables staff & students to achieve academic excellence.
  4. To inculcate  a deep concern for the society, country and motivate social service among students.
  5. To develop a mutually beneficial relationship with Governmental entities, society and Alumni and reach the goals of the institution.
  6. To create  thinking and innovative  minds with efficient work and skillful hands for the country is our main intention.

• To create thinking minds with skilled working hands for country is our main intention.

• The core intention is to help students and make them independent economically by making them Employable immediately Completion of their courses.

To create best citizens for nation.

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