Extension Activities

Extension Activities :

Blood Donation Camp

Red Cross Committee in collaboration with the Government Hospital Koppal had organises Blood Donation Camp every year. The hospital gives information to students about the importance of donating the blood, precautions to be taken before donation etc. Certain unit of the blood will be donated by the students to the hospital.

Swachata Abhiyan at NSS special Camp

NSS Special camp are organized every year in rural areas of the district and takes part in Cleaning of temples, Primary School and Road Repairs, These activities also help to send a message to the Villagers about the importance of keeping their Society Clean.

Voter's Awareness Day

A jaata is conducted by Political Science Department  on the occasion of Voters day. Many students take part in this programme to create awareness among the people about the importance of their voting power.

Lakshavrukshothsava Abhiyana

Our college rovers and rangers participated in Lakshavrukshotsava Abhiyan as a part of Gavisiddeshwara Jaatra Mahotsava. As a part of the fare, it was pledged to plant 1 lakh sapplings. From our college 3 rangers and rovers participated. For the service rendered by the college appreciation certificate is awarded by the District Commissioner office.

Yoga Day

Yoga day is celebrated in our college every year to make the students understand the importance of Yoga and its health benefits. The students are also made aware about keeping their mind and body in sync which can be done only with the help of Yoga.

ENT Check up

ENT check up camp was organised by District Health Centre. The students were made aware about the allergies that can cause through Ear, Nose and Throat and Importance of maintaining Hygiene in ENT.

Gavisiddeshwara Jaatra Mahotsav

Gavisiddeshwara Fare takes place every year and about 5 Lakh people visit during Koppal during this great occasion. A food is served to every pilgrim who visits during this time. Every year our students volunteer in Serving the food and cleaning activities.

Human Rights awareness

Human Rights awareness program was conducted by the Political Science department in association with NSS Committee to create awareness about humanity, impartiality, neurtrality, independence, unity and Universality.

HIV Awareness Rally on World AIDS Day

The Jaata was organized by Red Cross Committee to create awareness about the the causes, the way it spreads, effects and preventive measures of HIV disease. 

Health care committee Activities are as follows: 

General & Mental Health Counselling: Health care committee had organized general & mental health Counselling for Girl Students. 

Albendazole Tablet Distribution for Round Worms: Albendazole Tablets were Distributed to all the students by District Health Unit Koppal.

Jaata about Health & Cleanliness: Jaata about health & Cleanliness was organized to create awareness in General People.

Sanitary pad Distribution: Sanitary pads were distributed to Girl Students and Created awareness about Hygiene during Menstrual Period.


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