SWOC Analysis


1.The leading and only Women Government Degree College in this district which
situated in heart of the city.

2.The college has well Experienced, qualified faculty members.

3.The staff members possess resourcefulness and expertise in various fields of
knowledge actively engaging themselves in research activities.

4.The College has an adequate physical infrastructure to cope up with the increased
strength of the students with modern technologies.

5.An active Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) plays a central role in the
monitoring, augmentation and sustenance of the overall quality of the institution.


1.Most of the students are from rural and Kannada medium background, and they are also
poor in the English and mathematics.

2.Most of the students drop out consecutively from First year to Final year owing to
early marriage and social beliefs.

3.In semester system, there is a limited scope for Research, extension and co-curricular

4.faculties have limited scope for research due to their time bond curriculum teaching
and Students are more concentrated on their syllabus and classroom teaching-learning
process only.


1.The potential to collaborate with Universities and with other institutions in India

2.The college has potential to undertake UGC and other agencies’ sponsored seminars
and research activities.

3.The college has to encourage the faculty to attend the refresher /orientation/workshop,
seminars and to undertake research activities.

4.Students able get job opportunity immediate completion of Undergraduate degree.


1.Providing quality education to the rural background students in the stipulated time.

2.To provide research work at the under Graduate level with increasing strength.

3.Students lagging behind due to Communication and Technical Skills.

4.The Students and Faculty ratio is not Equal.

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