Code of Conduct


1. Each student mandatorily takes the admission through UUCMS according to NEP 2020

2. Every student must obtain the Identity Card which must have her photograph attested and wear the identity card on person whenever she is on the institute premises, and present it for inspection on demand. college/university examinations.

3. The students should be fulfilling the minimum attendance criteria compulsory. Those attendance is less, will not be allowed for the 

4. The student who remains absent for the periodical test /examination due to his/ her illness shall be required to submit the V

5. The students should complete their tutorials, tests and demonstrations as per the guidelines set by Akkamahadevi University, Bijapur.

6. Ragging is strictly prohibited in the college premises and outside. Students indulging in ragging will be punished as per “UGC Regulation on Curbing the Menace of Ragging in Higher Education Institutions, 2009, published in the Gazette of India dated 4th July, 2009. Such students will also be expelled from the college and F.I.R will be lodged with the police against them. Moreover, it will be mentioned in the college leaving certificate of such students that they are expelled because of their indulgence in ragging.

7. Copying in examination, possessing any form of scribbled material, exchanging answer sheets, allowing proxy writer will be treated as an offence and necessary action will be taken against the concerned student.

8. No student shall collect money in any form in the college premises.

9. Be polite and respectful towards others, instructor and other students.

10. If the teacher is absent, the class leader should inform the Head of the Department alternative arrangements.

11. No Society or Association shall be formed in the College and no person will be invited to address a meeting without the HOD’s or Principal’s prior permission.

12. No student shall collect any money or contribution for picnic, trip, educational visit to some place, get-together, study-notes, charity or any other activity without prior sanction of the HOD or Principal.

13. No student will be allowed to take active part in current politics.

14. Prior permission from the Principal is essential to take part in inter– collegiate competitions.

15. No student shall communicate any information or write about matters dealing with the Institute administration to the Press.

16. Students shall not organize picnics, trips etc., on their own.

17. Students are prohibited from indulging into activities which affect the reputation of the college adversely.

18. If any student is found scribbling on the walls/desks, disciplinary action shall be taken against him/her.

19. The rules set by the Management of the college need to be followed.

20. Students shall compulsorily wear the prescribed college uniform on all working days except Thursday. Uniform symbolizes unity and uniformity, not diversity. It also indicates equality and a sense of belonging to the institution. Uniform provides a special 
identity. Hence it is a source of pride and responsibility, not liability. Parents are to see that the uniform and hairstyle of their wards are in tune with modesty and dignity.


1. Teachers should inculcate best quality in teaching and help students equip with the required knowledge and skill.

2. Teachers should ensure safe and secured teaching and learning environment for the students.

3. Teachers should have excellent leadership qualities and they should present themselves as a role model for the students.

4. Teachers should discourage discrimination and harassment in any form inside the college premises.

5. Teachers should exhibit efficient and effective resource management skills.

6. Teachers should accomplish their duties with a sense of commitment and integrity.

7. Alternate arrangements need to be made while applying for any leave. Approval of the Principal in this regard is mandatory.

8. Carrying Identity Cards in the college is compulsory.

9. Supporting staff should exhibit punctuality and regularity in all the work assigned to them.

10. There should be complete coordination amongst the supporting staff and they should help each other out as and when required.

11. They should maintain confidentiality in all the crucial matters.

12. They should understand their responsibilities well.

13. They should perform the duties assigned to them with accuracy and consistency.

14. They should have the capability to make decisions if needed.

15. They can avail leaves only after taking prior permission from the concerned authority.

16. They should extend cooperation to the teaching staff.

17. A teacher shall be required to maintain the scheduled hours of work during which she must be present at the place of his/ her duty. No teacher shall be absent from duty without prior permission. Even during leave or vacation, with the prior 
whenever leaving the station, a teacher should inform the Principal in writing, through the concerned Head of the Department, or the Principal directly, if the teacher happens to be Head of the Department, giving the contact details at which, he / she will be available during the 
period of her absence from the station.

18. No teacher shall take part in politics, or be associated with any political party or organization which takes part in political activity, nor shall subscribe, aid or assist in any manner any political movement or activity.

19. No teacher shall make any statement, publish or write through any media which has effect of an adverse criticism of any policy or action of the Institute.

20. No teacher, except with the prior permission of the competent authority, engage, directly, or indirectly in any trade or business or any private tuition, or undertake any employment

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