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The Graduation aims to became a center of excellence in providing Social education and trainig.

Facilitate interactions among faculty and Students, and foster networking with alumni, community and others stake-holders.

About Mission

The Higher Education will intiate and maitain partnerships with local community agencies, business associations and professional societies to keep the curriculum updated, find job placements for students, secure equipment and materials and build corporate image of Under Graduate.

The concepts of "cutomer srvice" and "meeting the customer's needs" will be foremost in the design, development, delivery and follow-up of all services.




  • Enriching and enabling students to acquire socially relevant knowledge, skills and values.

  • Enhance excellence in Teaching learning process relevant to global environment.

  •  Ensure gender equity and empower women's  statues in society.

  • women empowerment in all sections of (society socio, political & economic.)


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