Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness:

Every working day mid day meals (Anna Prasadam) provided to the students and staff
by Sri Mutt, Sringeri so as to improve attendance and learning levels.

The Context:

Majority of the students of the college belong to surrounding rural areas. They
commute daily to the college. The college is situated  away from the town. Not many
hotel or other facilities are available for having lunch or snacks. Moreover, students
can’t afford hotel food. Many students start early from their villages and as a
consequence they are unable to bring lunch boxes to the college. In particular as
majority students are girls and owing to their low socio-economic backgrounds, most
of them are found anemic. This fact is traced by heath officers in their periodic visit to
our college health care centre. Mid day meal scheme has helped a lot in improvising
the health condition of girl students in particular. Before the introduction of mid day
meal facility, few students used to leave the college during lunch time and were not
turning up again for post-lunch session classes. This had affected the overall
functioning of the college.

The Practice:

Midday Meals is provided to students throughout the academic year.
Our college has organized many programmes to preserve the local culture and

Heritage building:

Human race has always relied on its past to build the present and construct its future.
Generations have lived before us and have shaped the world we reside in. It is
important to protect our heritage as it adds character and distinctiveness to the place,
region or community and hence provides a sense of identity.  The heritage
structures in the campus are maintained and preserved in spite of infrastructure
expansion. Part of our college is a court building long back (with tiles roof) which is
preserved as such having heritage architecture.
Programmes like "Janapada Jaatre" (an exhibition on folk culture, music, food
system, games etc.) and programmes conducted on Literature in association with
NINASAM (a theatre college) Sagar to imbibe cultural heritage among students. 
Our college has many green campus initiatives.
College has a garden of medicinal plants.

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