College towards community has been our unsaid mission from the very point of inception of this institution. Catering to the needs of education and academic excellence as  institutional duties are being performed with reverence, along with this just education outside classroom from the society is much essential to any student or learner to strive and survive in this ever changing world.

Our college has many out reach programs towards community development conducted through Various forums such as NSS, Red Cross, Rangers and Rovers, Red ribbon etc. Apart from this individual departments too have been contributing towards community development by organising various programs involving our students and faculty.

Blood a vital essentiality , donation of this would save a life at critical emergencies, we make sure we conduct blood donation camps inside college and outside college Through NSS and Redcross camps and make aware our students to inculcate the service oriented perspective towards their community. Many programs regarding woman helath awareness, gender sensitivity, helath checkups for the well being of women folk in our community. AIDS and HIV awareness, mental health awareness etc .. are some community programs with regard to public health.

Many other programs include donation of stationary materials to enrich government primary schools, visit to  historical sites and learning to preserve  protect and clean them too, Shramaadaan at annual NSS camps have benefitted the community and our students to learn about each through interactions, interviews, camps, checkups, jaathas, donations, awareness etc programs.At times Pandemic outbreak our students have worked as COVID frontline warriors Along with police and medical department which is noteworthy of mentioning.

As college is also a part of community it’s our duty and responsibility to make aware  our students the importance of serving community during their college days and even to sustain such interests after their course completion.

Learning is an eternal process and it’s shall not alone happen through books n exams inside classroom, it needs a wholesome approach towards learning life skills, communication skills, personality development skills, leadership skills which could be easily understood and learnt from being a part of the community in which we exist. So we have been trying to reach the community through college by planning and executing  many outreach programs through our institution Every academic year. As Service is the only Rent on this planet earth we live.









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