Code of Conduct


  1. Teachers should uphold the honour of the teaching profession.
  2. Teachers should conduct classes and mark attendance of the students regularly.
  3. Teachers have to incorporate effective and diverse teaching learning methods to impart Knowledge.
  4. Teachers should attend the meeting conducted by the head of the institution.
  5. Teachers should observe “No Vehicle Day”, as per the guidance of the College.
  6. Teachers should give importance to timely completion of the Syllabus.
  7. Teachers must perform the role of a tutor, mentor and guide to the students.
  8. While moving out of the institution during working hours entry should be made in the Movements Register, after obtaining prior permission from the head of the institution.
  9. Teacher should be available to students even after the class hours.
  10. Teachers should not make any discrimination on the basis of caste, gender, religion and socio- economic status.
  11. Examination work and Evaluation is mandatory to all teachers.
  12. CL,RH and EL letter should be submitted to the head of the institution through HODs.
  13. Teachers should update their skills and knowledge from time to time.
  14. Teachers should maintain cordial relationship with the students, parents and other stake holder of the institution.
  15. Teachers  should maintain accountability with regard to usage of the resources of the institution.
  16. Teachers should not involve in any business transaction during the college hours within the campus.
  17. Teachers should execute the work assigned to them with regard to curricular and co-curricular activities.
  18. Teachers should attend the programmers and celebration of national festival in the institution.
  19. Teachers should abide by the rules and regulations of the institution and discharge their duties in accordance with the guidelines issued by the concerned higher authorities.
  20. Teachers should co-operate with colleagues and administrative staff in maintaining and developing an effective educational environment.


  1. Students should be punctual to the classes.
  2. Attendance is compulsory to all students.
  3. Wearing ID card is mandatory to all students.
  4. Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the institution.
  5. Rules and regulations of the institution are mandatory to all students.
  6. Students should observe “No Vehicle Day” as per the guidance of the College.
  7. Students must participate in the activities the college in order to realize the Vision and Mission of the College.
  8. It is mandatory to all students to maintain discipline in the campus.
  9. Students should see the college notice board every day for information.
  10. Students are eligible for various scholarships as per government rules.
  11. Students should be aware of the time table of the classes, room numbers of their classes and the Syllabus.
  12. Students should attend Internal Assessment process compulsorily to get the IA marks.
  13. Students should approach concerned teachers for necessary guidance.
  14. Smoking and alcohol consumption are strictly prohibited in the institution.
  15. Students must not damage any property of the institution.
  16. No students should involve in malpractice in the examination hall.
  17. Students should actively participate in curricular and co-curricular activities.
  18. Students should be sensitive towards Environment.
  19. Students should use the resources of the institution judiciously.
  20. Students should involve their parents in their learning activities and make them participate in parent- Teacher meeting.

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