Campus and Infrastructure

Our college has comparatively good physical and academic facilities. The said facilities include classrooms, computer and science laboratories, ICT rooms, auditoriums and waiting room for girls. These facilities are made available for the students who get admission to our college. Our college has two types of buildings one section consists of tailed roofing and the other section consists of RCC roofing. Four science labs have been provided for science students specials grants have been provided for maintenance of the computer lab, science labs and the class room with other allied facilities which are the part of the teaching-learning activities, the maintenance and cleaning of the class rooms are done with the efforts of the non-teaching staff. The institute allocates budget for the cleanliness of the college building. The college has lush green garden maintained by staff of our institution. The college has adequate number of computers and internet connections. Most students have the opportunity to use those facilities has per the rules and the policies of the institution. Computer lab are made available for all the students and particularly computer students during their active teaching hours. Students have an opportunity to use the science labs though out the day. Our library is also well equipped with all necessarily required computers. Our library is installed with internet in the library. Two computers are installed in the staff room for the faculty for preparing teaching slides for their ICT enabled teaching in the classrooms. All these computers are well maintained. Four ICT rooms are available for teaching affectively. The college website has maintained and updated regularly by the website co-ordinator. The maintenance of UPS is regularly done with its company persons as and when required. Four water tanks-two under ground and two over head tanks are being cleaned at regular intervals as far as drinking water is concerned, RO UV based system for pure drinking water facility has been maintained by the college staff. Our institution has four fire extinguishers. All the fire equipments are regularly upgraded as and when required by the experts. Our college has special waiting room for girls with attached toilet facilities. Our auditorium is partially equipped with modern facilities. Along with this we have an open auditorium which holds more than thousand numbers for any programme. 

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