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      B.M.Shetty Govt First Grade College, Konanur was established by Belagodu Sri. Muthyala Shetty, a Philanthropist, in August 1954. Many donors helped for the establishment of the college. The donation came in the form of money, land and materials as well. In those days it was beyond imagination to start a college in a small village like Konanur.

About Konanur
      Konanur is situated on the bank of river Cauvery. It has a pleasant weather with daily temperature ranging between 21 Degree Celsius and 35 Degree Celsius. April is the hottest month and December is the coldest. Konanur hobli is at the Northern latitude of 12.4 degree & Eastern longitude of 76.1 degree, it’s a small hobli. Geographical area of Konanur is 14.2 sq kms and population is about 16000 according to recent census.
     There are some places of importance for the tourists near Konanur. In the vicinity of the college campus there is a hanging bridge which is the second largest hanging bridge in Karnataka ( about 1.0 kms from the college ). It is built across the river Cauvery to facilitate easy movements of pedestrians from Konanur to Kattepura village. Apart from this, many temples of historical importance are in the village among which the name Konanur was derived is very important.
     Ramanathapura, normally called as Dakshina Kaashi, is about 5 kms from Konanur. It is a place of pilgrimage and historical importance. “ Sri Ramanujacharya, the founder of Vishishtadvaitha philosophy had visited Ramanathapura”. A temple dedicated to lord Shiva was built in 12th Century. Sri Subramanya Temple is also a holy place for the tourists. It is also situated on the bank of the river Cauvery.
     Kushalnagar is 27 kms from Konanur, Madikeri ( coorg) is 55 kms, Bagamandala is 75 kms, Tala Cauvery, the origin of river Cauvery is 90 kms, and Belur and Halebeed are about 100 kms from Konanur. Other places of interest are Chunchanakatte, Gorur Hemavathi Reservoir, Harangi Reservoir, Bisale Forest etc.,

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