Web OPAC is the Online Public Access Catalogue which allows users avail the services of the library using Internet.

Features of WEB OPAC:

The important features of Web OPACs are:

1. It is accessible through the internet.

2. It is possible to search independently by Author, Keyword, Title or Year.

3. Displays complete bibliographic information as appeared on reprints.

4. Features of traditional OPACs such as storing bibliographic and sometimes full-text databases; providing direct access to a library’s bibliographic database by means of terminal or PC; search result in readily understandable form; reference help, etc.

5. It has the ability to use hypertext s to facilities navigation through bibliographic records.


OPAC URL :  https://eg4.nic.in/GFGCKAR/OPAC/Default.aspx?LIB_CODE=GCWKOLAR

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