Green Campus Initiatives


Green Campus Initiatives


Green audit was initiated with the beginning of 1970 s with the motive of inspecting the work conducted within the organizations whose exercises can cause risk to the health of inhabitants and the environment. It exposes the authenticity of the proclamations made by multinational companies, armies and national governments with the concern of health issues as the consequences of environmental pollution. It is the duty of organizations to carry out the Green Audits of their ongoing processes for various reasons such as; to make sure whether they are performing in accordance with relevant rules and regulations, to improve the procedures and ability of materials, to analyze the potential duties and to determine a way which can lower the cost and add to the revenue. Through Green Audit, one gets a direction as how to improve the condition of environment and there are various factors that have determined the growth of carrying out Green Audit. Some of the incidents like Bhopal Gas Tragedy (Bhopal; 1984), Chernobyl Catastrophe (Ukraine; 1986) and Exxon strategies for environmental security elements have no meaning until they are implemented. 

Green Audit is assigned to the Criteria 7 of NAAC, National Assessment and Accreditation Council which is a self-governing organization of India that declares the institutions as Grade ‘A’, Grade ‘B’ or Grade ‘C’ according to the scores assigned at the time of accreditation. 

The intention of organizing Green Audit is to upgrade the environment condition in and around the institutes, colleges, companies and other organizations. It is carried out with the aid of performing tasks like waste management, energy saving and others to turn into a better environmental friendly institute.

 Goals of Green Audit:

  • The _objetive of carrying out Green Audit is securing the environment and cut down the threats posed to human health.
  • To make sure that rules and regulations are taken care of
  • To avoid the interruptions in environment that are more difficult to handle and their correction requires high cost.
  • To suggest the best protocols for adding to sustainable development

 Benefits of Green Audit:

  • It would help to shield the environment
  • Point out the prevailing and forthcoming complications
  • Authenticate conformity with the implemented laws
  • Empower the organizations to a better environmental performance
  • It portrays a good image of a company which helps building better relationships with the group of stakeholders
  • Enhance the ness for environmental guidelines and duties.         


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