Best Practices

Best Practices
Implementation of Dress Code
Sense of Homogeneity Homogeneity brings a sense of equality.  It is important in educational institutions because these are places where there must not be any types of discriminations.  A college always has a blend of crowd as its students.  There would always be some rich, middle class and even poor students.  While some may have luxury to meet the expense of the finest hands, the others who can not have enough money are only left to marvel about the good things.  This shall damage self confidence in such students, triggering feelings of inferiority, jealousy, insecurity or even depression.  Having a dress code brings a sense of belongingness, make the students feel united and it is the easiest way to recognise the students educationally background.  At such a younger age, students should not be affected with socio economic disparities which very educational institution should take care off.
Brings Discipline Discipline brings order, peace and a sense of leadership.  Well dress code brings uniformity which is intered to order and peace, following a particular pattern of dressing creates a formal environment.
Improve Student Concentration Dress codes have an intense impact on student concentration levels.  It helps students focus more on studies and less on how they look.
Affordable This is one of the greatest advantages of dress code.  There is no such obligation of buying dozens of clothes every now and then.  Having a dress code means onetime investment that too cheaper than other fancy dress. There would be no feeling of repetition of clothes because there is only one single pattern and everybody following that.
Development of students from rural background 
The overall development of rural students and proposes interventional plan of action as a part of prospective developmental plan.  The effective student redressal cell attends to resolve the problems of rural students.  Remedial coaching classes for slow learners and separate hostel facilities for boys and girls which is provided by the dept. of social welfare and the dept. of backward community and minorities and travel concession by the state government rules. And conducted confidence building programmes. 

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  • Mar 4
    College Magazine SHATASHRUNGA releasing function

    College Magazine SHATASHRUNGA releasing function held at commerce block at 12 AM-04/03/2022 to 04/03/2022

  • Mar 8
    International Womens Day Celebration

    International Womens Day Celebration orgnized by Women Empowerment and Sexual Harassement Redressal Cell in our college at Commerce Block.-08/03/2022 to 08/03/2022

  • Mar 7
    7 days NSS Camp organized at ANTHARAGANGE

    NSS College Unit and University Unit of our College has organized 7 days NSS camp at ANTHARAGANGE with Campers Srinivasagowda K N and Mahesh R-07/03/2022 to 13/03/2022

  • Mar 8
    Blood Donation Camp organized by Red Corss NSS and NCC

    Blood Donation Camp organized by Red Corss NSS and NCC in our college PG block-08/03/2022 to 08/03/2022

  • Feb 1
    Cadre Training Camp

    The NCC Unit of our college has organized 5 days Cadre Training Camp for NCC students of our college from 1st February to 5th February at our college. The training is given by army staff of 10 KAR BN NCC KOLAR.-01/02/2021 to 05/02/2021

  • Feb 6
    Cultural Activities on the occasion of Inaugurals of various committees of our college

    On the occasion of Inaugurals of various committees of our college like Cultural, Sports, NSS, NCC, RedCross, RedRibben, Scouts and Guides and All other committees we have conducted cultural competitions on 6th February 2021-06/02/2021 to 06/02/2021

  • Feb 5
    One Day Workshop on - International Financial Reporting Standards

    One Day Workshop on - International Financial Reporting Standards organized by Department of Commerce and Management-05/02/2021 to 05/02/2021

  • Jan 23
    Entrepreneurship Development Programme

    10 Days Entrepreneurship Development Programme for Commerce and Management students. Entrepreneurship has the potential to reduce poverty, stimulate economic growth and boost innovation, in addition to enhancing social and environmental sustainability.-23/01/2021 to 01/02/2021

  • Jan 29
    Mathematics Day Celebration

    National Mathematics Day is celebrated every year on December 22 across the nation to recognise and celebrate the works of Srinivasa Ramanujan. It was on this day in 1887, the Indian mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan was born. The mathematical genius Ramanujan was born to a Tamil Brahmin Iyengar family at Erode, Tamil Nadu. The National Mathematics Day is celebrated across the country with several educational events in schools and colleges.-29/01/2021 to 29/01/2021

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