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The Government First Grade College, KGF started in the year 2007.The institution aims to transform the understanding of every student who passes through its portals, towards a progressive society while at the same time being tempered by social concern, empathy and visionary leadership. The greatest testimonial to the justification of an institution is the contribution of its students to society.The institution has to include undergraduate and post graduate courses, and taken a leap into the future by being the study centre for Distance Education, KSOU . A student stepping into the college has now a wide range of options to explore -10 combinations. Different languages as subjects of their study truly living up to the linguistic diversity of the country.The advanced knowledge being provided here is ably backed by cutting edge facilities - virtual experiments,smart classes, virtual classes and other modern ICT tools have become part of the teaching.The institution has a very strong social capital and alumni, networking with old students who have contributed significantly in the overall development. The last decade has witnessed phenomenal infrastructure development through these networks.A confluence of over 10 doctorates with variety of skills and experiences in diverse fields, offering students abundant academic wealth.
The institution is blessed to have fully automated library with , OPAC website and INFLIBNET facilities. The present holding is over 19000 books, 10 journals and 12 magazines.Students have represented at University,state and national level events.One of the biggest strength of the institution is its strong extension activities through NCC, NSS, Red Cross and Scouts and Guides which contribute to the physical and social development of the individual in terms of – discipline, team spirit, leadership and social engineering. The student who passes out from this institution is a composed and well-rounded individual who is capable of negotiating and contributing to society's progress.The hierarchy of the institution is designed to decentralize .Perhaps one of the few colleges that encourage people to share their failures as well as successes, the institution uses these experiences as sign posts on the journey to the goal.


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