Alumni Association



Alumni Association

 Alumni Association was inaugurated by Principal Prof Srikumari on 14th September 2013. The Association was formed with the intention of creating a bondage between the Ex-students and the college and further to encourage our alumni‚Äôs to participate and contribute towards the development of the college.

 On 1/08/2014 Alumni Association formally came into existence through registration under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act 1960(Karnataka Act 17 of 1960). The registration number of the association is JNR-S153-2014-15.. The body comprises of 16 members. The association, in its registration form has declared the bye-laws.   Through this, it attempts to motivate the members in participating in all the activities which foster the development of the Institution.

It declares to associate with the Institution in organizing various programs such as guidance to employment opportunities, organizing coaching classes for competitive exams and also it attempts to provide platforms for the sportspersons and other talents of the institution.







    Alumni association  Alumni association Bye-Laws

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