Mission Vision and Goals


• College Offers general education and strives to expand the horizons of the mind of the students by qualitative teaching, learning and evaluation.
• Educating a large section of rural youth providing an opportunity on socially equitable basis.



• To provide affordable, Quality education to a wide cross-section society without any distinction of caste or creed.
• Facilitate interactions among faculty and students. And foster networking with alumni, Community and others stake-holders.
• Elevating the consciousness of the student community towards national integrity and social responsibility by imbibing the moral and ethical values.
• Providing Higher Education to the economically and educationally backward region.
• Te ensure and build students in a rewarding and inspiring environment by fostering freedom, Empowerment, Creativity and innovation.




• Encourage the staff and students to participate in and conduct national and international seminars, Conference and Exhibitions.
• Focus on Knowledge-oriented, moral, spiritual and value based learning.
• Empower students intellectually to be leaders in various fields of the society.
• Giving education to the rural youth at large.
• Giving equal opportunity to male and female students to participate in academic activities.


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