The Department of History is a place of learning, where students, scholars, thinkers and activists, all of different hues, gather to debate and share their knowledge of History.

    History is a mode of reasoning and interpretation. All of us function as historians, but to be adept historians we have to learn how to questions and analyse evidence. We teach students how to parse the detritus of the past, in archives, literature, art, architecture and other material remains. This is carried out through formal course work, research guidance, seminars, workshops, to prepare competitive examinations, leadership qualities, personality development, to conduct job fair and conferences; through interactive class discussions, writing assignments, fieldwork and semester exams. Teachers and students alike study and research how material, philosophic and quotidian structures shape human societies at different junctures of time.

   The Department of History is one of the leading schools of study for the subject of History. Our faculty consists of graduates from some of the finest institutions in the world and our alumni have made a name for themselves not only in academia, but in journalism, law and public service as well.


Objectives of the Program at the Department:

  • Students are academically prepared to be well versed historians
  • The lessons have been trial-tested in classroom situation
  • Students are given frequent self - assessment work
  • Students take part in interaction and debate frequently
  • Our faculty is committed to the highest standards of research.



    The vision of the department is to contribute to the growth of education and upholding the highest ethical and professional standards


   The department seeks to educate students in the complexities of historical inquiry, to develop their critical thinking skills, and to improve their understanding of the world around them.



The Bachelor of Arts program at GFGC, Kadugudi believes that the task of history is to open dialogue between past and present, History as a subject enable the students to develop necessary skills to evaluate and analyse the happenings of past.

The knowledge of past societies and communities strengthen the insights of students in understanding and comprehending the conflicts of present.

Program Objectives:

  • To provide a strong base for students to learn.
  • Constantly revising the syllabus, introducing new readings, themes and courses.
  • Maintaining a long tradition of research excellence and rigorous teaching.
  • Experienced faculty create several opportunities for the students to explore the wide array of issues.
  • The department nurtures a high quality of student preparedness for independent research and writing.
  • To mould students as good human being




  • ·        KARIYAMMA G.K–M.A(History)

    Mrs. Kariyamma G.K has a rich academic experience of 28 years. She worked as NSS Coordinator, Cultural Convener, BOE member, university question paper setter, worked in P.G centre for three years and  guided students to prepare dissertation, She presented nine papers in National and International seminars, She submitted  Minor research project on  A Historical study of Hosadurga Taluk as a UGC sponsored programme. She also involved in a prestigious role as a Question Paper setter and examiner for the KPSC Examination.