Government First Grade College, KADUGUDI, Bangalore-67


                               DEPARTMENT OF ENGLISH

Year of establishment: 2009

Names of Programs / Courses offered: UG (B.A., BSc, and B.Com.B.B.A)

Evaluation System: Semester System

Head of the Department: Mr. Krishna HS, Asst. Professor of English




         It cannot be ignored that English plays an important role in binding the whole of the nation to a thread and functions in a way what the constitutionally recognized languages do. It is the language that opens the gate way of employability, opportunity and vision for the youth. We are using English which is to some extent different from the queen's language. In this given situation of using English, there is no harm, if the Indian English could be considered one among the 18 languages recognized by the constitution. The Department of English since then the department has established itself in a big way catering to the needs of the society and imparting quality education to the students. In conformity with the vision and mission of the college and the present society need, the Department of English has moulded itself with positive aspirations to cope-up with the latest trend prevalent in the need-based teaching of English. Since the situation for employability demands a good command over the communicative skill of the students, the department has given priority to this. Both inside and outside of the class, students are encouraged for a good competence in communication skill.. The staff members are dedicated to the right kind of counseling so as to help the students find placement in different fields after passing out from the College

More than passing on information, classroom teaching focuses on enabling the students to express their ideas and relate to the canonical texts both in theory and everyday life. Grammar teaching has also been made more application oriented. Through this methodology we have been able to encourage students to be more creative in writing. The use of pictures, advertisements and newspapers further makes teaching and learning a pleasure.

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning: 

In addition to the traditional chalk and talk method classes, special interactive classes by applying group discussion, question-answer, demonstration method are arranged to encourage the students and thereby improve their learning. Classes are held during the study leave of the students with special attention paid to slow learners. The hidden creativity of the students is manifested through the publication of Wall Magazines in the department.



SWOC analysis of the department and future plans:


  • Strength: English Department of the College can take pride in having enthusiastic and dedicated teachers of the college.. But in addition to the formal methods, the greatest strength of the department has been the teacher-student intimate relationship that has kept the department alive.


  • Weakness: The socio-cultural background of the students, many of whom are first generation learners from poor and backward families,is a major drawback for the development of the department. The lack of sufficient number of teachers is a great hurdle in the path of imparting quality education. Failure on the part of the college to recruit and retain contractual and part-time teachers is another weakness for the department. Insufficient number of classrooms also sometimes creates problem.



  • Opportunities: However, the learners are always made aware of the wide scope for their future. Efforts are on to enhance the quality of the students by giving them opportunities of interaction with the senior faculty members of other cognate institutions by means of special lecture classes. If more job-oriented coaching classes could be organized for the students of the department exclusively, it would give them good result. Add-on courses like Spoken and Communicative English Courses can bring new opportunities for the students of this department.


  • Challenges: The placement of the output in different government and non-government sectors and self-employment is one of the main challenges before the department. When the opportunity of getting absorbed in the traditional sectors is narrowing day by day, unveiling new sectors of employment is an urgent necessity of the time. Making the students of the department of English aware about such evolving areas is another challenge before the department.



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