Labour was the first price, the original purchase—money that was paid for all things. It was not by gold or by silver, but by labour, that all wealth of the world was originally purchased. Adam Smith.

Quoting Father of Economics Adam Smith, the Department of Economics proudly presents its Departmental Profile. The Department had a humble start during the year 2009 and has seen 10 glorious years of Academic Performance. The Department is affiliated to Bangalore North University and offers Economics as a Core subject for the students who pursue BA (Bachelors in Arts) degree specializing HEP, HES and HEK. In all these streams Economics is a common Core Subject. The subject is taught for all the three years spread across Six Semesters.

The department provides a rich learning environment with good faculty team to develop and hone holistic and leadership abilities of the students through rich experience of the faculty and pedagogical tools. The department provides class room instruction using various lecture based and case based discussions. The department also provides guest lectureship by organizing various Guest Lectures in the field of Economics. Class seminars are organized on a regular basis so as equip the students with confidence and courage to face the new challenges of life. In addition to this the department tries to explore various advanced concepts of Economics through various video lectures taken from You Tube and Jnanidhi web portal of Department of Collegiate Education.

Objectives of the Program at the Department:

  • Students are academically prepared to be successful employees
  • Students are well exposed to global practices of the functions of Economics through various innovative subjects.
  • Students will be groomed in an holistic environment so as to become ETHICAL ECONOMISTS
  • Students will be sensitised to become sensitive human beings
  • Creating students as prospective employees and industry ready employees
  • The department perspires to create EMPLOYABLE GRADUATES


To create an Excellent Environment to study the field of Economics and train the students to create highly employable graduates with good human values. To produce citizens with exceptional leadership qualities to serve national and global needs.


To achieve the set ives in a holistic environment that enhances the knowledge of students and equips them with various skills in the field of Economics.


Excellence is not an act, it’s a habit

  • Striving continuously to improve ourselves and our systems with the aim of becoming the best in our field.
  • Catering to the lowest strata of the society with utmost zeal, affection and professional skills.
  • A strong commitment to lead responsively and creatively in the field of Economics Education.
  • A commitment to be ethical, sincere and transparent in all activities and to treat all individuals with dignity and respect.


The Bachelor of  Arts  program at GFGC, Kadugudi, is well equipped with theoretical subjects, in this Economics is considered as the Application Oriented subject which has rich application skills in the field of Finance, Accounting and Statistics. The department strives to build such a kind of culture in the institution that helps in building professional excellence among the students.

The curriculum is prepared by the BOARD OF EXAMINERS of Bangalore North University. It has been suitably prepared to meet the challenging needs of various stake holders in the society. The Institution tries to provide knowledge and training ground that turns out to be having high calibre, competent and versatile in its nature.

Program Objectives:

  • To Provide strong basis to the students to learn various concepts of Economics
  • To provide knowledge based learning facilities
  • To develop the skills of analyzing, evaluating problems and taking decisions
  • To keep pace with dynamic industry changes and management practices and to enhance knowledge updates through technical workshops, seminars, guest lectures and internships




Prof. Babu V.P. Gowda has rich academic experience of over 22 years. Before joining Government service he had worked in various Premier Private Institutions in Bangalore. He has worked as Chief Squad of Bangalore North University. He is also involved in various University activities in the form of paper valuation, paper setting, custodian work etc. To his credit he has participated in various State and National Level seminars and workshops. He also has presented papers in different State and National Level seminars.