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ಒಂಭತ್ತುಸಾವಿರಕ್ಕೂಅಧಿಕವಿರಳಕನ್ನಡಪುಸ್ತಕಗಳ pdf ಭಂಡಾರ


Open Library of Kannada audio text books for visually challenged Students


                          FREE DICTIONARIES

·       Collins Dictionary

·      The Free Dictionary

·       Macmillan Dictionary

·       Macmillan-Webster Dictionary

·      Cambridge Dictionary

·       Shabdkosh


                     OPEN ACCESS E-JOURNALS 

·       Advances in Applied Science Research

·       Advances in Computational Research

·       Ancient Science of Life

·       Annals of Library & Information Studies

·       Asian Journal of Management Research

·       Asia-Pacific Journal of Social Sciences

·       British Journal of Applied Science & Technology

·       British Journal of Environment and Climate Change

·       British Journal of Mathematics & Computer Science

·       Chronicles of Young Scientists

·       Computer Science & Information Technology

·       Conservation & Society

·       Contemporary Issues and Ideas in Social Sciences

·       Current Science

·       DESIDOC Journal of Library & Information Technology

·       Earth Science India

·       Education Research Journal 

·       Global Journal of Enterprise Information System

·       Health and Population: Perspectives and Issues

·       Indian Folklife

·       Indian Journal of Chemistry : A

·      Indian Journal of Chemistry : Section B

·       Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies

·       Indian Journal of Computer Science and Engineering

·       Indian Journal of Pure & Applied Physics

·       Indian Journal of Radio & Space Physics

·       Indian Journal of Science and Technology

·       Indian Journal of Scientific Research

·       Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge

·       Indian Review of World Literature in English

·       International Journal of Advanced Computer and Mathematical Sciences

·       International Journal of Advanced Computer Research

·       International Journal of Advanced Information Technology

·       International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science

·       International Journal of Advanced Research In Computer Science and Software Engineering

·       International Journal of Applied Mathematics and Computation

·       International Journal of Chemical Research

·       International Journal of Chemical Sciences

·       International Journal of Chemical Sciences and Research

·       International Journal of Chemistry Research

·       International Journal of ChemTech Research

·       International Journal of Computer Science and Informatics

·        International Journal of Computer Science and Information Technologies

·       International Journal of Computer Science and Management Studies

·       International Journal of Digital Library Services

·       International Journal of Economics and Research

·       International Journal of Educational Research and Technology

·       International Journal of Educational Sciences

·       International Journal of Environmental Sciences

·       International Journal of Management and Business Studies

·       International Journal of Management and Strategy

·       International Journal of Managing Information Technology

·       International Journal of Mathematical Sciences & Applications

·       International Journal of Yoga

·       International Research Journal of Applied Finance

·       International Research: Journal of Library and Information Science

·       International Review of Social Sciences and Humanities

·       Interscience Management Review (IMR)

·       Journal of Environmental Research and Development 

·       418. Journal of History and Social Sciences

·       Journal of Intellectual Property Rights

·      Sadhana

·       World Journal of Science and Technology


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