About IQAC


 The IQAC of the Institution is involved in enhancing and monitoring quality activities. The Office of IQAC takes different initiatives to deliver the best of the Academic Environment within the college. Quality enhancement is a perennial process; the IQAC becomes part of this initiative and works towards the realization of the goals of the Institution and also would helps the institution sustenance.

Goals of IQAC

      ·          To inculcate quality culture in the minds of students and faculty

      ·          To establish standards and benchmarks

      ·          To assure a smooth flow of academic activities

      ·          To form various committees in the college and establish a system

      ·         To a Calendar of Events and strictly adhere to such a Calendar. The Calendar sets would be on par with University Calendar

      ·         To promote measures for Institutional growth

      ·         To focus more on the Vision, Mission Statements of the Institution

      ·          To institutionalize best practices

 The IQAC of the Institution is the Central Monitoring body that functions under the leadership of the principal and comprises all HODs, Senior Faculty Members, and representatives from the student community. The basic focus is to develop and maintain certain standards in both academics and administration.

 The IQAC is the central quality-monitoring body of the institution. It functions under the Chairmanship of the Principal and comprises senior faculty members, representatives from the local community, and a student representative. Its aim is to develop and maintain a system to promote academic and administrative excellence.

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