Mission Vision and Goals


 To Build competence through Knowledge, skills and value based education with a view to facilitate holistic development and achieve competitive edge in the global and domestic context. 



• It intends to provide conducive environment for teaching and learning.
• It aspires to achieve equity and attain excellence in all the domains of campus life.
• Government First Grade College, Jayanagar, Bangalore intends to provide opportunities to students with a view to render them responsible, motivated and value laden individuals.
• It intends to provide scope for the holistic development students through academic, extra-academic, cultural and sports activities.
• It aspires to chisel professionally competent and socially relevant individuals who can meet the national and global challenges.
• Its vision is to provide need based quality education and create sensitive and competent human resource necessary for the nation building.
• It aspires to build the values like ethics, empathy, responsiveness, integrity, and honesty among students through various interventions.
• It visualizes keeping pace with the dynamic needs, challenges and requirement of the society in terms of training for students and staff.



• Adopt Total Quality Management strategies to achieve, sustain and enhance Quality in all the activities of the College on a permanent basis.
• Enriching and enabling students to acquire socially relevant knowledge, skills and values.
• Ensure gender equity and empower the marginalized.
• Metamorphose students into value-laden, responsible, empowered human resource necessary for nation building.

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