Metrics No. 6.2.3

Type of metrics & Weightage QnM

Coordinate with the following departments of the college in effective functioning and implementation of e-governance,

  1. Administration – Updating of HRMS and K2; Details of E – Par; EMIS; E – tenders on e- procurement portal; Sakala; In- time disbursement of services.
  2. Finance account –online payment system for all procurements.
  3. Student Admission and Support – Centralised admission by DCE, DBT (Direct Beneficiary Transfer); Seva- Sindu for issue of documents and certificates; E- Granthalaya (if not, implement the same); Online Admission and Online fee collection (If not, implement online fee collection under the guidelines of principal)
  4. Examination: Examination fees payment, student registration, admission ticket, IA marks, results and conducting of exams are managed by University portal.

Documents to be collected

Policy document on e- governance View
Annuale-governance report approved by Governing council View
Document of approved copy on ERP (Enterprise ResourcePlanning) document and screenshots of user interface. View
Institutionalexpenditure statement for the heads of E-governance implementation reflected in audited statement. View

Year of implementation with contact details and name of the Vendor.

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