Metrics No. 5.1.2

Type of metrics & Weightage QnM
  1. Preparing policy on scholarships by college under the direction of principal in coordination with Student welfare committee coordinator
  2. Identifying the eligible students for scholarship by college on the given criteria
  3. Disbursement of scholarship.
  4. Contacting and Coordinating with Chartable trusts, Companies and other agencies for getting scholarships and assisting the students to apply for scholarships

Documents to be collected

Policy document on institutional Scholarship View
Minutes of Meetings (MoMs) student welfare committee on identifying the students for scholarships View
List of students benefitted from college /External agencies Annexure – 5.2 as per SQAC
No. of students Benefited and Amount disbursed 5.1.2 NAAC template
Letters and communications with external agencies on scholarships  View

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