Metrics No. 4.1.4 and 4.4.1

Type of metrics & Weightage QnM
  1. Coordinate with the principal and office manager/superintendent in preparing the annual budget towards infrastructure augmentation.
  2. Coordinate with the staff in the maintenance of proper books of Accounts as per the requirement of Karnataka State Accounts and Audit Department (SAAD).
  3. Coordinate with office staff in conducting yearly Audit of books of accounts of the institution with the help of commerce faculty/faculty with fair knowledge of audit.

Documents to be collected

Maintain a copy of the yearly infrastructure augmentation budget allocation statement. View
Maintain a copy of all bills and vouchers relating to infrastructure augmentation.

1. 2016-17

2. 2017-18


4. 2019-20

5. 2020-21

Audited utilization statements View
Data to be recorded (Annexure-4.1as per SQAC) 4.1.4 NAAC template

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