Metrics No. 1.1.3

Type of metrics & Weightage


  1. Identification of Faculty members who are eligible for BoS, BoE, Curriculum design panel and Evaluation Process.
  2. Coordinating with University and BoS to include eligible faculty members in the panel.
  3. Consolidated student feedback report on syllabus has to be sent along with BOS members to the respective universities.

Documents to be collected

Appointment orders and/or attendance certificate of BoS, BoE, and Assessment panel of affiliating universities. And

Appointment orders and/or attendance certificate of Faculty members for Lab Exams, Viva-voce of Affiliating universities

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Sl No Name Documents
1   Prof. S. M. Hadimani View
2   Dr. J. P. Dodamani View
3   Prof. R. H. Halli View
4   Prof. M. M. Mantur View
5   Prof. L. S. Kore View
6   Prof. S. R. Handigund View
7   Dr. N. V. Aski View
8   Prof. P. N. Awanti View
9   Prof. K. M. Bhavikatti View
10   Prof. A. Hiremath -
11   Prof. S. P. Sajjan View
12   Prof. M. V. Malakannavar View



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