Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness

Women Education and Empowerment


            Education is the key factor for women's empowerment, prosperity, development, and welfare. Discrimination of women from the womb to the tomb is well known. There is continued inequality and vulnerability of women in all sectors and women oppressed in all spheres of life, they need to be empowered in all walks of life. In order to fight against the socially constructed gender biases, women have to swim against the system that requires more strength.  Such strength comes from the process of empowerment and empowerment will come from education. And rural development will come from women's empowerment. Women's Education is s the key to women’s empowerment. Through it, women have better access and opportunities in the workforce, leading to increased income and less isolation at home or exclusion from financial decisions. With education, women are able to live their dreams by pursuing their own goals and values.

Accordingly, the institution gives priority in organizing various educational and awareness programs regarding women empowerment to make its students more laborious, self-reliant, skilled, and enthusiastic to accomplish their tasks confidently and to face the challenges of the fast-changing world gallantly.

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