Student Welfare Officer



Student Welfare Officers



Associate Professot Dept of kannada


Student Welfare Officers Duties and Responsibilities

    1. To Arrange for Good-Natured Environment in the Campus.
    2. To Monitor Day to Day Essential Support Required for Academic and Co-Curricular Activities of Students.
    3. To Arrange for Special Care for the Weaker and Needy Sections of Students.
    4. To Prepare Plan and Execute Programmes for Holistic Development of the Students.
    5. To Nominate Student Representatives to Various Committees of the College in Consultation with the Student Council.
    6. To Enable Students to Participate effectively in the Students Related Activities.
    7. To Advice Student Council As and When Required.
    8. To Work with the Conveners of various committees Viz., Sports and Cultural Committee, Mandatory Committees, Examination Committee, Grievance Redressal Committee, Anti-Ragging Committee etc.
    9. To Keep in Touch with the Guardians As and When Required.
    10. To Arrange for Maintenance of Students’ Discipline in the Campus.