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I.D.S.G Govt college chikkamagaluru situted on the edge of both Western ghats and Bababudangiri hill range ,
finds its pride of place in history of karnataka, by being one of the oldest institution to provide higher education .
The college was started initialy as on intermediate college in 1948 was managed by the university of Mysore till 1961.

The college was called the Government first grade college till 1962. Sri.I.S.Mallegowda donated Rs 100000 for the
constreuction of a new building and requested that the college should be named after his father, Late Sri Indavara
Doddasiddalinge gowda. Thus the college renamed was as I.D.S.G Govt. college since 1968. In 1999 a large auditorium
called I.S.Mallegowda memorial auditorium was constructed and donated by Indavara family.

The coommerce faculty was started in 1966.

I.D.S.G Govt college situated earlier on the outskirt of the town now due to the expantion and development of the
town , comes in the heart of the city. The college as 16.36 acres campus in a semi urban lush green setting with a

beautiful garden in front of the college.The college has a large central building (Main block) which houses

the administrative section,adequate class rooms,laboratories,centaral library, reference section, reading room,

staff room,computerlab,NCC room, NSS room,Seminar Hall, 

HRD and TQM cell, Boys toilet,Girls waiting room etc. In addition the college is having an Auditorium, a boys hostel ,
a cycle stand ,sports room, a meterrological unit and a spacious play ground

At present college is affiliated to Kuvenpu university , recognized by the UGC under 2f in 1981 and 12B in 1986.
The present strength of the college is 3621, boys strength 1846 and girls strength 1775. There are 51 full time teachers and 138 guest teachers
which are supported by 14 non teaching empoiyees.

The insitution,catering to the higher educational requirements of chikkamagaiuru town and the surrounding areas.
The majority of students come from rural background.It also caters to the needs of the marginalized sector of the community.
the studends are seleted and admitted in the college as per the rules of govt of karnataka, on the basis of academic merit
and reservation.

The institution aims to transform the understaing of every student who passes through its portals, towards a progressive
and scientific society, being tempered by social concern, empathy and visionary leadership. the greatest testimonial to the
justification of an institution is the contribution of its students to society .

Forty nine teachers labour, amongest the youth to indicate the values of scientific zeal along with socially inclusive concerns.
The teachres who all called as lifelong learners, prefer the method of experience to the method of book.
The campusis a confluence of teachers with variety of skills and experience in divers fields, offering students abundant academic wealth.

For the sake of numbers this translates to 16 Ph.Ds and 39 M.Phils.

The central library has a stock of 1,00939 books, 23 journals, E-journals - N list subscrition. Magzines - 22 Bound volumes and 78 CD's/DVD's.

Internet, facility are made available at the library.

The college offers the scope of self expression through its various clubs like the social science clubs in the respective subjects,

Cultural forum the nature club, the Eco club the new horizon- commerce club
and Amarthyasen club ect, for the personality development of the students. Red cross youth, Rover and Ranger units.

The two units of NSS with each having 100 student volunteers and NCC boys unit wih 100 cadets and girls

unit with 33 cadets contribute to inculcate the discipline, obedience and integration, The volunteers learn

communal harmony and socially useful productive work(SUPW).

The hierarchy of the college is uniquely designed to close the feedback loop from the management and teachers to the students

and back again.The experience of learning is expanded beyond the regular concerns of academics.

This is one of the college that encourage people to share their views and create an awareness towards more humane

and enlightened society.

The Govt. of Karnataka and Kuvempu University has permitted to open Post - Graduation Courses in our College during

the year 2007-08. At present we have 08 Post - Graduate studies in Humanities, Commerce and Science.

Kannada,English,History and Archaeology, belong to Humanities, M.Com., belongs to Commerce and M.Sc. in Chemistry,

Applied Zoology, Appied Botany, to Science Faculty in the College.All courses are nurtured with Competent faculty and hi-tech infrastructure facilities.

As a resultthey are performing excellently and producing land mark results with ranks and medals in the

Kuvempu University.The academic excellence of our Post Graduate department faculty and their continuous

effort is responsible for this remarkable achievement.

Our institution has strong faith, that education is not just the collection of information but an empowerment,

and committed to continuous hard work, to high quality and academic excellence. Main Motto of all our

Post Graduate department is to create excellency and Potentiality.


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