Department Of Economics

}  To ensure  that the quality of economics teaching continues to develop

}  To ensure that the students will be confident and develop economic skills for life

}  To continuously confirm that the economics department is working towards college improvement plan


Mission of the Department

}  To raise the standard of teaching in economics

}  To raise the students' interest in classroom activities in economics

}  To raise the quality of management in the economics department


The primary purpose is to achieve the following ives.

}   To impart knowledge and to mould the character

}   To make provision for socially, economically weaker sections of the society to pursue higher education

}   To facilitate the girls of rural areas to pursue higher education

}   To enable the students to understand the behaviour of the individual and the organizations

}   To give importance to moral education

}   To provide platform to expose their creativity

}   To provide national consciousness and institute civic sense