Mission Vision and Goals


  • To impart quality education to meet the needs of the present emerging society.
  • To stimulate academic environment of the institution by promotion of quality teaching, learning, and resources in Higher Education.
  • To strengthen the inner potential of the students through Spiritual Values.
  • To create awareness of Gender Equity and Social Justice.
  • To maintain a Cordial Relationship with the Employees, alumni and the Society.
  • To equip students with relevant Knowledge ,Competence and Creativity to face global Challenges.
  • To facilitate optimum utilization of human and National resources for sustainable development.


Education  for  Empowerment  of  rural  youth  and  Marginalised  section  of  the  society  to  pursuit excellence  in  Higher  Education.  To  Develop  Mental, Physical  and  Spiritual  Values .To build  up  Self esteem  and  Self Confidence  by  inculcating  Scientific  temper , Competence  and Intelligence . To promote  a  tolerant  Society  by  practicing  Nonviolence  and  have  a  Secular  thoughts  to  build  a Strong  Nation.


The general ives are aligned with the institution Vision and Mission . The proposal pursues a strategic planning for institutional development ,keeping the design of results of SWOT analysis in view . The comprehensive ive of the institute which completed its 11th year since inception “to develop the college from emergent stage to a  hub of Excellence with  Societal commitment and International visibility”. As such, the general ives are arrived at from the various perspectives.

  •       To infuse Self Esteem and Life Skills in all the learners.
  •       To impart broad based knowledge to face the competitive world.
  •       To enhance critical and analytical abilities.
  •       To develop technical competence for enhancing employability.
  •       Empower and motivate the employees for improved performance.
  •       Expand teaching –learning facilities.
  •       To organize extension activities for community development focusing on civic responsibilities and Social awareness.
  •       Implement Institutional Reforms.

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    Updated on 22/05/2020

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