GFGC ,HSR Layout is situated in Bangalore South Urban region with a vision to concentrate on the youth of socially and economically deprived sectors in and surrounding rural areas to become employable in the present competitive world. The prime motto behind our vision is to impart high quality education which is affordable to the students.


To enrich culture and values

To mould the students to exploit the global opportunities

To bring economically and socially weaker sections into the mainstream


To provide comprehensive education that integrates professional preparation with co-curricular involvement

To embrace the diversity of the individual ideas and expressions for the overall development

To create a sense of commitment towards the community development.

To highly propagate the easily accessible learning opportunities for our students and others stake-holders, we carry-out

our vision and mission statements to them through prospectus, induction programs ,and discussions in staff, alumni and parents meetings ,displaying at proper place in the campus , etc.








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