Mission Vision and Goals


Our vision is to impart comprehensive education and chisel self confident,employable and value ingrained quality human resources from diverse socio-economic background for nation building. We strive to inculcate competence ,confidence and excellence in students to excel in the globally competetive era.


  • To play a significant role in creating and qualified human resources to meet the needs of the nation and also sensitize students towards inclusive social concerns.
  • To provide a platform for academic,spritual and intellectual upliftment of students.
  • To meet the knowledge ,skill and ability needs of the students from different socio-economic backgrounds on the principals of equity,access and social justice.
  • To promote higher learning among the faculty and students through collaborations,networking and extended interations.
  • To promote intercultural and interreligious and harmony communication by creating shared values leading to a humanizing 
  • and liberative process among students.
  • To create and sustain a freindly learning atmoshphere for students keeping in mind their holistic development

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