Institutional Distinctiveness

Institutional Distinctiveness.

        “To encourage the meritorious girl students to pursue higher education with the help of scholarships from NGOs -Asara, Senior Citizen & Rotary”.

Government First Grade College Hoskote caters to the needs of the socially and economically underprivileged rural students most of whom are first generation learners. The college is focused on educational excellence and the achievement of equity among the student  community. The college has 14 undergraduate programmes, 3 postgraduate programmes and 1 Ph.D programme in physics. The college provides quality education with a minimal fee structure.

It is well acknowledged that "when you educate a woman you educate a nation" this often-quoted maxim has been a reality of women's education in rural Hoskote.

The enrolment of 55% of girl students for higher education emphasizes the commendable role of the college in empowering girl students of rural area.

 Government First Grade College Hoskote is contributing to the women’s education in rural Hoskote in innumerable ways. The opening of undergraduate and postgraduate courses has enabled many girl students to get education in their own nearby locality. Students otherwise would have had to travel distances which would have been greatly discouraged by the family and society. Moreover, according to the policy of the Government, waiver of tuition fees for girl students also has enabled them to afford to pursue education. The Government has given laptops to students to enable them to be at par with current technology. Various free ships and scholarships for girl students have given them the opportunity to get the desired education.

Apart from all these, a special feature of our college is the support received from Non-Government Organizations like Asara, Senior Citizen & Rotary in the form of Scholarships to meritorious girl students to enable the economically underprivileged students to pursue their education.

Hosakote ASARA Scholarship Girls Alumni Trust is a Trust to encourage and assist in higher education of merit girls of all communities from Hosakote taluk and Bengaluru rural district. The girls studying in schools and colleges will be supported and mentored for their all-round development. The ives of the trust are to encourage and support the girls to be self-reliant, to be able to stand on their own feet and be good citizens of India. ASARA Scholarship Girls Alumni Trust of Hoskote is sponsoring scho1arship for girls for their higher education. The scholarships worth about 45 lakhs are given to about 260 girls in Hoskote by the following four organizations – Menda Foundation (Menda), Senior Citizens Bangalore (SCB), Rotary Bangalore Indiranagar (RBI) and Hosakote ASARA Scholarship girls trust. The girl students of our college too are the beneficiaries.55 scholarships were distributed on 9 July 2021.

Another unique feature is that the graduate girls have started contributing for the scholarships of the younger girls. In total the graduate girls are presently contributing to the education expenses of 10 girls studying at Government First Grade College Hoskote. Out of 54 scholarships, Menda Foundation had transferred 36 scholarships to the college bank account. 19 of these girls now in final year B Com. In their previous exams they have all scored above 80%, Education for girl students enhances self-esteem and self[1]confidence, and helps to build a positive image. The Senior Citizen’s Forum too has been giving scholarships. They have given 23 scholarships amounting to Rs.1,38,000. The scholarships to the meritorious girl students has enabled students to perform better.

The learning environment at the college has a major role to play in learning and in their performance of both curricular, co-curricular and extracurricular activities. The number of girl students has increased over the years. Most of the students are from rural areas and our staff identifies their talent and encourages them.

College provides a perfect platform for students to develop innovative skills by promoting an effective teaching and learning process. Since many students take up higher studies the teachers encourage students to participate in seminars, discussions, sports and cultural programmes These students are identified, mentored and are counselled. These students have completed their education and few students are still pursuing their education. More education means greater economic autonomy through more equal work opportunities for women.

Conducting activities like screening films, documentaries featuring the story of successful women in society and co-curricular competitions to create comfortable space at campus has definitely motivated our girls to aim high and do better.




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