1. Government Law College, Holenarasipura is functioning under the Department of Collegiate and Technical Education funded by the Government of Karnataka, and guided by framing rules and procedure for very dedicated and effective functioning.   
  2. Student-full time teacher ratio is 35:1 this gives a scope for each faculty to concentrate on individual basis.
  3. Government of Karnataka has provided fee- exemption to SC/ST/Cat- I and other OBC candidates whose income is less than prescribed limit by the Government. And even for other candidates the Government has fixed quite affordable fees approximately Rs.6000 per annum.  
  4. The college is situated in Taluk area and, also, very nearer to the Senior Civil Judge & JMFC at Holenarasipura and Principal District and Sessions Judge, Hassan which is around 30 K.M. away from the our college, this makes feasible for students to practice at the nearer courts.
  5. Qualified & efficient Teaching Staff – We have a well- qualified and efficient teaching staff who have an average teaching experience of 10+ years
  6. The Government Law College, Holenarasipura is the first Government college in the State to offer 3 years LL.B. programme at quite affordable level, to the tune of approximately Rs. 6000 per annum. Also, we offer  5 years B.A.LL.B. programme with the same fee structure.
  7. Student oriented activities- To make teaching- learning more effective, the college organizes various  programmes and activities.
  8. Regularity in responses–To meet out the programme outcomes, we collect feedback regularly from the stakeholders and this guarantees regularity in responses and in taking action in respect of the collected feedback.
  9. Well- equipped Library – which boost suitable learning, reading, and improving quality of students.
  10. Infrastructures – The Law College has beautiful three floor own building, surrounded by Hemavathi River.   
  11. Strong bonds– The college has strong bonds with other colleges, schools, legal firms, etc. which nurtures competence and offers assurance to the students.
  12. Rural culture is seen in the campus all- through.
  13. We have adopted clearly stated vision, and mission.
  14. Healthy campus life can be seen in the college, with no occurrence of ragging or any anti- social activity that is disadvantageous to their academic recreations.
  15. Active Alumni – Our Alumni participate in different programmes conducted by the college.
  16. We have taken 'Go Green' initiative by developing a beautiful garden with different varieties of flowers, fruits, and some valuable medicinal plants.


  1. Languages obstacles– Mainstream of our Law College students come from rural and kannada medium background.
  2. Dropout rate – Since most of our students are from socially and economically disadvantaged background, dropout is seen for various reasons, like: poor language competence, economic reasons, etc. This leads to unacceptable result and disheartens the students to continue with their studies.
  3. Marriage before completion of the programme- It is observed that many girl students are married by their parents even before completion of their 1st year programme, due to which they are not able to concentrate on their studies and profession.
  4. Placement – It is found that proper placement prospects are not available for law graduates, especially for those who do not have language competency necessary for advocates. This is a major drawback in legal profession which is normally faced by the students.
  5. Insufficiency of resource and manpower to handle two programmes with the help of Guest Faculty and contract- based staff.


  1. Increased bonds to be done- The college has great opportunity to develop more bonds to improve for overall growth and development of students.
  2. Improvement in student support services–The college has good opportunity to motivate the students in legal learning, completing the course successfully and getting established in the profession through a range of policies with a goal to enhance retention and graduation rates of the students.
  3. Possibility for orientation of the Students–More orientation is desirable for the students to update the knowledge and develop professionalism and react dynamically.
  4. Upgrading of result – The college has an opportunity for upgrading in result and focus more on dedicated or corrective training.
  5. Faculty sustenance– The College is supported by well qualified full- time teachers
  6. Scope for paperless office – Our endeavour is to run e– governance in office and administration.


  1. Sustenance and speedy adoption or execution of Higher education policies. The changing policies in higher education necessitates rapid updating of knowledge from the college.
  2. Shortage of job chances for law graduates – it is a great challenge to all the Law Colleges.
  3. More dependence on government for fund– Though the college is financed by the Government of Karnataka, disbursement of fund is found to be more rigid.



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