Code of conduct of the students


  1. First and foremost students should follow the practice of discipline in and around the college and respect the college and the teachers.
  2. Should attend the classes regularly. As per the University guidelines 75% attendance is mandatory and should abide by that.
  3. All the students are expected to be in the college before the classes commence and attend all the classes without fail.
  4. Students should maintain higher level of decorum and talk to the teacher with respect and reverence.
  5. Students should inform the class teachers before taking any leave or conducting any special events in the class.
  6. All students are expected to attend the functions and programs done in college.
  7. Attendance is mandatory during the celebrations of National festivals and great leaders birth and death anniversaries.
  8. Should maintain silence in the library.
  9. Class representatives should take initiation in controlling the classes in teacher’s absence and inform the same to the available teachers.
  10. All the students should keep the college campus area neat and clean.
  11. Using plastics tobacco of any form is prohibited.
  12. All students should segregate “wet waste and dry waste” in the classrooms and toilet.
  13.   Any complaints regarding ragging and sexual harassment should immediately brought to the notice of Principal as both are unlawful in the institution.


Code of conduct of the Teachers


  1. Teaching, including practical classes in the laboratory.
  2. Should not discriminate students on the basis of caste, gender and religion.
  3. Organizing special lectures on academic importance.
  4. Coordinating various committees in college.
  5. Encouragement for research work.
  6. Should attend trainings, short term courses regularly to excel the teaching skills.
  7. Counseling services to students.
  8. Evaluations of assignments and conducting tests including entries of IA.
  9. Schools and Industrial visit.
  10. Organizing National seminars, workshops and other programs as such.
  11. Publications of research papers in National and International journals.
  12. Organizing placement cell workshops for students.
  13. Preparing calendar of events of college.
  14. Maintenance of stock register.
  15. Conducting students –parents and alumni meeting.
  16. Duties assigned by the Principal.
  17. Should not involve in any unfair practices and follow the decorum and dignity. Should also abide by the guidelines of the UGC, DCE and KCSR rules.



The college adheres to the Statutory Rules and Regulations of the KCSR (Karnataka Civil Service Regulations) and the UGC Professional Code of Conduct and Service Rules as and when amended.

The college staff abide by the code of conduct issued by government of Karnataka and UGC .


 Annex 1 Karnataka Civil Services (Conduct) Rules, 1966

Annex 2 UGC Professional Code of Conduct 2010

Annex 3: PED Manual

Annex 4: Library Manual




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