Best practices

Best Practice- 1


1. Title of the practice: “Concept of the year” Every year a concept is developed

 4 concepts are developed since 2017-2018

  •  2016-17- Do good Be Good 2017-18- Be Bold for Change
  • 2018-19-Voicing for the Voiceless
  • 2019-20 – Who am I? My world in my view!
  • 2020-2021- My Cookery through my Culture


These programs are used as reinforcement on personality development of students in addition to other programs in the institute

   Goal: Knowing oneself is the greatest achievement of one’s life. The activities conducted under these themes help students to know themselves better which intern helps them to realize their potentialities and overcome the weaknesses. Our College is privileged to have rural students from various cultural backgrounds and traditions. Each and every culture has their own way of living, food system etc. these activities help students to explore to the multi cultural practices and systems.


  1. The context: The “Concept of the year” is the continued plan, which we have practiced since 2011. All the faculties realized the importance of such activities and decided to continue further. By realizing that most of our students have lack of exposures as they come from rural areas, these activities would boost their self esteem. All the faculties with the supervision of the principal actively involved in carrying out the concept effectively


  1. The Practice. The concept is developed targeting a change among the recipients the proceeding the concepts are deliberated through Village Culture fest (Grameena Sogadu), Activities on SWOT, Food fest, Series of lectures etc.


Evidence of success:

 We could witness to see the changes in the self confidence, Volunteer ship, Mutual respect, Understanding, Handling the relationships, taking the responsibilities etc among our students


 Major problem is initial responses from the students is almost negligible. We· have to strive hard to bring them to the stream that leads to changes in their mind. The mindset and attitude of the students poses a big problem in this kind of program note (optional).



 Title of the practice- “Skills required for 21st Century”

 Goal: Cultivating skills required in 21st Century

 The context: We observed that our students are lacking basic life skills and confidence to exposé to the competitive world. Mainly they have inferiority and negative self image; these attributes are hindering them to come forward to experience new learning situations. In this context the Department of Psychology, Home Science, Kannada, Commerce, history, English, Zoology, Chemistry started listing out the activities required to change them to face 21st Century challenges. The institution took initiative to form a respective Department societies which includes students’ community since 2019-2020 and continuing. The each department Societies organizes a special lectures, Activities and events in the Department.


The Practice: In the Institution each department Society is formed in the beginning of the Academic year in which includes the President, Vice President, Secretary and other committee coordinators to carry out the activities. The idea beyond this is all students should lead one or other activities to know their self worth. The institutional Society mainly includes the following committees

 1. Spoken English Committee: Two coordinators are nominated from each class to carry out spoken English activities in the institution. These Coordinators will plan and execute the activities whenever the

students are free in the college. The Coordinators plan the activities such as screening the Spoken English tutorial videos, Compulsory English speaking in the class rooms Corridors etc.


  1. 2.   Attendance Committee: Two Coordinators are nominated from each class to look after the attendance of their class mates with the supervision of the concerned teacher. These coordinators will be having the students list with their guardian phone numbers to monitor the attendance and also coordinate with their parents if any student is absent for more than 2 or 3 days. All the activities will be carried out with the supervision of the Head of the Department


  1. 3.   Yoga Education Committee: A coordinator from each class is nominated to look after Yoga classes, Aerobics etc. The coordinator takes initiative to invite the resource persons and organize events.


  1. 4.    Film Club: Two coordinators are nominated from each class to look after film club in which these coordinators would coordinate with their class mates and screen the educative movies, documentaries, Interviews etc. Students have watched movies such as the beautiful mind, Shutter Island, Hichki, Samskara, Hemavathi and many more.


  1. 5.   Birthday Committee: The purpose of this committee is to make each and every student to feel their significance. Each and every student should feel they are important and considerable to others so two coordinators are nominated from each class to see the birthday of our students. They make a list and every day they offer a pen as a gift and wish them on the occasion.


  1. 6.     Computer Education Committee: We observed that our students are spending money to learn computer outside in private institutions which is burden to them to pay the huge fee so we have taken a small initiative to provide computer to learn on their own and if they need any assistance in between they can get the assistance from the teacher. Two coordinators are nominated from each class to look after Computer Education in which these coordinators would coordinate their class mates and make arrangements to learn the computer


Evidence of success: We observed a lot of change in the behavior of our students from these activities. Before introducing these committees’ students were afraid of touching the computer, speaking English and so many other issues, whereas once they started to expose to these activities freely, it boosted their confidence and we could see the changes in their behavior.

 The institution Organize an event called “My World in my View” in which students should express their strengths, Weaknesses and Challenges to be aware of themselves more and know their worth. This activity has brought a tremendous change in the students to be more responsible and volunteer.

  7.2 Best Practices

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