Best Practices

Best Practices

  1. Every year we formulate the ‘Concept of the year’ and conduct programmer under this theme as far as possible.
  2. We give importance to community oriented activities.
  3. Laying more emphasis on self-reliance.
  4. Creating awareness about ecological protection

Best Practice- 1.

  1. Title of the practice: concept of the year Every year a concept is developed

 2011-12 altogether 3 concepts are developed  

  • 2011-12- change your Thinking
  • 2012-13-Lead a change
  • 2013-14 persevere to Excel
  • This program is used has reinforcement on personality development of students in addition to other programs in the institute

2. Goal: to make the students to change their attitude towards progress through mental preparedness. Every individual in correlation with the background develop certain qualities which may be progressive or retrogressive. Students too have their own social background of family and surroundings. Students of our institution mainly come from villages with limited scope for interactive behavior as compared to the town brought up children. Their mental set up is slightly different from the children with rich background or educated familial background. Such students though not dull headed could not express themselves. In the game of survival expressiveness plays a role nowadays. The goal of this project is to change the attitude of students towards expressive behavior.

3. The context: in the year 2011-12 a batch of students admitted to this institute were seemingly good enough. As usual a orientation programme was held for them these students have to introduce themselves to the seniors as well to their teachers. Many of them could not come on to the stage and were afraid of something that has made them, inexpressive. One student hide himself beneath the desk to avoid his introduction to others. It was evident these rustic students had lesser confidence, live within their shell, have introvert nature. they always feel lack of something and could not achieve their goals without it. Such feelings could be overcome by filling confidence in them. Majority of the students with rural background accept the concept of change bit slow but once accepted they excel as could be seen in cases of excellent literary marvels, scientists like Newton and so on.

4. The Practice. The concept is developed targeting a change among the recipients the proceeding the concepts are deliberated through series of lecturer ranging from 3-4 there lecturer are packed with the material mainly to change the mind set of students or their attitude; quoting several examples of luminal personalities.



we could see greater changes among the student we would like to cite examples from the final semester B.A students when these students got admission to the institution on the day of orientation & welcome more them 50% of the students were afraid of coming over the stage. One Mr. Ramesh virtually hides himself beneath the desk then the principal took initiation to improve their batch of students. As the concept lecturer went on we could see a gradual change the same students could share the Dias and face audience with confidence the same students Ramesh is active enough to lead a quiz team, interact without shy, he speaks from thedais thus through the programs along with other personality development program a possessiveness is attained.


 Major problem is initial responses from the students is almost negligible. we· have to strive hard to bring them to the stream that leads to changes in their mind. The mindset and attitude of the students poses a big problem in this kind of program note (optional).


Title of the practice- Imparting skills on fruit, vegetable processing and mushroom cultivation. Goal- to make stake holders self reliant and self employed. Majority of the students admitted to this college are children of agriculturist or agriculture laborers. For some of these, education is a chance gotten and we see many of the students leave their studies in the middle. The problem underlying is the poverty. These students take up small jobs majorly in transport service sectors, agriculture fields and a few enter hotel industries as labors as well few remain jobless. Agriculture being the prime sector and these students are very familiar with the work aspects as well agricultural products; these students could be easily trained. This training does not require complicated skills and could be easily understood. All the training is performed using products grown by the farmers. In this training production and marketing skills are given to students. If they use their skills they can do their own production units as cottage industry.

The context: Agriculturists around here grow plenty of vegetables which have to be disposed off fast. Otherwise the farmers incur loss due to deterioration storage is a problem as there is no cold storage around .Vegetables like tomato are prone to greater fluctuation of costs often the plunged below Rs 2 per kilogram. The story of Ginger and such vegetables is not different. Agriculturists all over India rarely practice vegetable or fruit processing which would fetch more price than being sold unprocessed in the market. For example sugar cane growers fetch more money if they produce jaggery than selling the sugarcane to the factory.

Straw is produced as one of the big agricultural by product. People those have cattle use this as fodder otherwise it goes waste. Straw is the basic material required for mushrooms cultivation other than that only mushroom seeds are required that is too could be procured with cheapest cost. Mushrooms are now have a great demand in food market. Investing hardly about Rs 1000 a farmer can grow mushroom worth about 20000-30000 these two do not require much skill and could be easily practiced as cottage industries.

For the food processing experts were out sourced. They too have demonstrated the process like Jam making; sauce preparations salads, food grade wine from fruits and vegetables. The procedures were followed by students to learn fruit and vegetable processing. The materials required either brought by students or provided by the institute.

5. Evidence of success: a few of the students have their own firm of mushroom cultivation. One former of Holenarasipura had written project to Govt. for mushroom cultivation and has got the amount for the same. Now she is growing mushroom on large scale for commercial purpose. The fruit and vegetable processing is personally practiced by same students. As of now we did not come across a venture towards commercial production from our students. But it is beneficiary for them for enjoying life. 6. Problems encountered: fear of failure in self employment among students. The bigger problem is lack of confidence in students to promote these ventures in to commercial production and marketing.


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