SWOT Analysis


  • Spacious college building
  • Reaching out to the needy section of the society through regular legal aid programs
  • Giving hands-on experience to the students with respect to the real court procedures,

              Chamber visits, visit to various prisons, forensic laboratories, High court visit, visit to

                Mediation centers on a regular basis

  • Acquainting the students with moot court activities inside the campus and preparing

             them for the state and national level moot court competitions.

  • Student-teacher ratio is a healthy ratio.
  • Enrollment of the law students into their profession as advocates is relatively high.
  • Number of admissions of socially and economically backward students is high.



  • Lack of manpower
  • Lack of mobility of students due to lack of awareness about the course and
  • transportation problems
  • Employability of law students in very scarce in both private and public sectors
  • Dropout rate of girl students is high due to their family restrictions
  • Less scope for diversification


  • Students can lead their professional lives independently
  • Students become capable of taking up judiciary exams immediately after the completion of their graduation in law
  • Law students contribute towards legally engineering the society


  • Little knowledge in legal matters can hamper the social structure.
  • Students who complete the law degree with inadequate skills pose great danger to the