Code of Conduct for Students

1.   All students should be abiding by the rules and regulation of the institution. Violation of the rules will invite disciplinary actions as per the KSLU regulations. The students who indulge in anti-social activities like misbehavior, ragging, etc… will be debarred and resticated from the institution and penal action will be taken against such students.

 2.   The students who damage the college property and indulge in physical violence with their fellow students will be treated as indiscipline and if found guilty of such misconduct shall be levied with fine.

3. Every student shall regularly attend the classes conducted by the college in accordance with the time table announced from time to time.

4. The students shall abide by the dress code of the college.

5. The class commences at 9.30 am and the time table is scheduled till 3.00 pm. late comers will not be allowed to enter the class however, they shall be allowed to have access to library. Attendance will be taken at the commencement of every period and reviewed monthly. 75% attendance is compulsory as per the university norms.

6. Internal assessment test will be conducted at the end of each semester. The students shall attend test compulsorily. All students shall attend seminars, guest lecturers without fail. Final year students undergoing practical’s/ internship shall compulsorily participate in seminars, guest lectures, visits to courts, advocate’s chamber, Lok Adalats and Legal Aid camps organized by the college. Non completion and non-submission of practical papers, assignments and internship reports and also test will be viewed seriously.

7. The library shall function between 9.30 am to 4.30 pm. The students shall carry their identity cards compulsory to the college and shall produce the same at the time of borrowing books from library and also to obtain no due certificate to appear for examination or at any time as and when demanded.

8. The college makes sincere effort to inculcate discipline and uphold Indian tradition/heritage and strives to evoke the spirit of patriotism/ nationalism among the students and teachers by singing national anthem daily.


  1. Smoking, chewing of gutka, consumption of alcohol in the campus is strictly prohibited.
  2. Students are strictly prohibited from using cell phones in the college and if found using cell phone fine will be imposed and subsequent use shall lead to confiscation of the cell phone.
  3. Every student should behave well at all times in the college. They shall respect the teachers and non-teaching staffs of the collage or with the fellow students in a manner so as not to insult, cause injury or annoyance to them. Students are expected to address the teachers and all members of the staff with politeness.
  4. The students shall regularly go through the notice board for important announcement regarding class, test, remedial classes, moot court assignments, college committee announcements, examination time table, etc….
  1. The students shall compulsorily provide their address, aadhar number, phone numbers, email-id to the admission committee. Change of address or phone numbers shall be communicated immediately to the concerned authority.
  2.   Every student is bound and governed by the above stated code of conduct and any student who violates the code of conduct / disciplinary rules is liable to be removed or rusticated from the collage by the principal in accordance with the provisions of section 62(2)(b) of Karnataka State University Act 1976.