Govt. First Grade College, Hanagodu, Mysuru Dist.

Internal Quality Assurance Cell ( IQAC)


Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Challenges (SWOC)


Institutional Strength:

The institution has been run by the Govt. of Karnataka and the curricular and extracurricular programs are affiliated to the University of Mysore and recognized by Karnataka State Universities Act 2000. The college offers programs in undergraduate programs (BA, B.Com and BBA) and conducts programs of relevance and need. This has indeed been proved a boon especially for the rural, tribal and poor students who were devoid of higher educational opportunities.  Our intention is to provide access to higher education to this rural and tribal mass in order to bring them into the main stream in the days to come.

The institution promotes all round development of students through a wide range of extracurricular programs. The students have won medals in District and University level sports. Every year our students participate in the YuvaSambhrama and YuvaDasara Competitions and won numerous awards.Students also involve in college extension activities, community services through NSS, Scouts and Guides, Red-Cross Unit etc. and sustain academic environment. CDC unit of the college and Parents have been of immence support for the college functioning. Alumini actively participates and cooperates specially during the events and celebrations of national and international importance, and in sports and cultural arena. Healthy academic relationship between faculty and the students has enhanced the learning outcomes. Continuous efforts have been made to maintain and preserve the joy of learning.  Department of Collegiate Education has also cooperating and coordinating with us in all the possible means for the development of the institution.

The institution has already organized a national Seminar in the academic year: 2018-19 on the topic: “Issues, Challenges and Transformation in Higher Education: Equality, Employability and Youth Participation.” Being the first seminar in the history of the college, it was successful above our expectation. Institution often conducts workshops, Special Lectures, Quiz programs, Special Classes Remedial Teaching, Spoken English classes etc.  From the academic year 2018-19 we have implemented Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) as per the guidelines of the University of Mysore. The college collects feedbacks from students & stakeholders for improvement in major areas. Teachers are using innovative and technological method of teaching through ICT integration. The college has ICT enabled class room. The college caters to diverse needs of learner by identifying and counseling the slow learners and mentorship. Varied learning experiences are provided to accomplish learning outcomes in learner. The college has excellent internal quality assurance cell (IQAC). There is NAAC Committee and varied other committees to adopt and sustain quality as well as to participate in decision making. The institution has adopted Biometric Attendance for the faculty members. Every year faculty members attend workshops, conferences and seminars of various discipline and participate in various faculty development programs that helps them to update themselves to the modern methods. The college provides very good library, magazines, journals and daily News Papers and assist the learners as well as teachers to do their best in their learning and teaching.


Institutional Weakness:

  • Major problem is admission of the students. Since this is a rural and agricultural based area majority of the students remain dropouts.
  • If somehow get admitted they either frequently be absent due to agricultural commitments or financial or transportation constraints.
  • Quality of the students is of low standard, need to teach from the basics, especially language English.
  • Our Institution does not have adequate number of sanctioned posts/permanent staff and dependent upon Guest faculty for curricular needs.
  • A Permanent Librarian and a Physical Director is required to enhance students’ quality.  
  • Institution still needs infrastructure like an auditorium, spacious stage, rest rooms, wash rooms, Rooms for indoor games, and smart classes.
  • Institution does not have permanent water facilities for drinking.
  • The number of non-teaching staff is not adequate. Two clerical staff (FDA & SDA) have to be inducted to maintain the administrative work.
  • Don’t have enough space/facility for indoor games is not available.
  • Less job opportunity and less Industrial job vacancies. Less opportunity and scope to Government funded projects. Extending campus to avail Post-graduate courses in the faculty of Arts, Science, open Universities and engineering is less.


Institutional Opportunity:

Being in remote and rural set up, it is an opportunity to become a center of interdisciplinary learning to inculcate knowledge using best practices among the rural and deprived community. As our college is affiliated to the esteemed University of Mysore, student can access to more participation in University academic activities. To activate Research center & Research Activity through active participation in the University academic activities.It is an opportunity for the college students to strive through to enhance the quality of the backward students and bring them into main stream by organizing special classes, Spoken English, Remedial classes etc....Since rural students are of good physique, students can make use of the opportunities in sports arena of their choice and excel themselves.Our College has introduced special/coaching classes for the competitive exams to help the rural and backward students and strengthen promotion activities towards competitive examination for banking, insurance and service sectors. We in the college frequently provide information regarding employment/self –employment opportunities through Placement Cell. We provide Student-Centered premises like well-equipped library, sports kit, News-papers, magazines, auditorium etc. and increase the green look of the institution by planting more ornamental plants. We have also created opportunity for the students to take part in NSS, Rangers and Rowers, Red-Cross activities in order to develop service mindedness. We also trying our best to enhance the quality of education through integrating ICT based education system, increase smart classes, Encourage usage of online learning platforms to both students and staff. We also  motivate faculty and students to take up research and publications.


Institutional Challenge:

Since our college is located in the remote and the rural area with the students of very low quality due to lack of exposure, it has been a challenge on the part of administration and faculty to prepare them to bring them into the main stream.  Very difficult to cope with the students with varied strengths and weaknesses. Challenging to convince the parents in the matters of money, transportation and early marriage in the case of a female students that add to the dropouts.  Not able to meet the competency-based education due to non-flexibility of curriculum and lower standard of the students.  To make all the students take active part in cultural, sports and other co-curricular activities conducted in the college and help themselves develop dynamic personality. To enable students to converse in fluent English and prepare them to face the interviews confidently through increasing their language proficiency.


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