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About the College

Government First Grade College Gurumatkal made a humble beginning in the year 1991 and is located in Geographical area of Hyderabad Karnataka Region called Gurumatkal. Our College houses with three UG programmes BA/BCOM/BSC and Two PG Programmes in Kannada with 13 permanent teachers and 41 guest lecturers with total enrollment students 936. Institution believes in a value driven organizational culture that motivates students, staff and our faculty members to think of education as something that helps to unfold and express oneself to be performer and achievers through learning and self realization. The campus propagates as family culture where members accept each others strengths and weakness, pain and pleasures and thereby support and groom its family members to be mentally stable and physically agile to live, learn and lead. We train our students in an environment that is free from socio economic ,religion,caste, gender and other pre judices and to inculcate all the cultural glory is our dream and thereby we ultimately at the all around development of institute ,hard work, self regulation and self discipline so that its members should be known as outstanding, situational decision makers when faced with dynamic changes. The value system inoculated young minds to help them to be prepared to be paradigm shift from literacy to education, being reactive to proactive,being led by others being initiators, competition to collaboration, self-contentedness to team contentedness, casualness to creativity, inactive to competency to become exceptional professionally and personally. The institute induces self discipline rather than supervision