To make students’ life in the campus experiential and filled with fun, GSC has various clubs. These club activities help students to pursue their interests and develop their potential and make learning a joyous process. Clubs provide students an enjoyable break from the rigors of academics and make learning experiential and fun.

• Raman Science Club

The Raman Science Club is a student initiative to keep abreast of the latest discoveries and inventions. Through lectures and a range of competitions, it promotes scientific temper and spreads the knowledge of science among students.
The highlight of this initiative is the star-gazing parties organized both within and outside the campus. Star-gazing parties are organized for various school children to observe astronomical bodies and events through the telescope.

• Photography Club

Faculty have conducted workshops on photography and its applications in science for the benefit of students and faculty of neighbouring institutions.

• Innovation Club

Encourages and promotes student innovation and provides financial assistance

• Innovative science forum

A student initiative, where advanced learners take lead roles and also boost the morale of slow learners through peer-interactive learning and sharing of resources.

• Eco Club

The Eco club has organised many programs to create awareness on environmental issues among staff and students. These include talks on environmental pollution and its consequences, climate change and the importance of undertaking mitigating measures, biodiversity and its conservation, campus cleaning, waste management and tree planting.

• Theatre & Film Appreciation Club

National and International award-winning movies, art films and movies with
social messages of contemporary relevance are screened, and students are
invited to interact and review the movies . They also have the opportunity to experience the vibrancy of theatre by watching famous plays based on the Sampoorna Ramayana and episodes from the Mahabhartha.
Interested students are trained in enacting plays

• Departmental clubs

Students can enrol in the department clubs such as Savi Computer club, Zoo Club, Botany & Microbiology club etc where activitites such as Quiz, Seminars, Interclass competitions are held.

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