For Students


1. Students have to strictly adhere to the rules and regulations of the college and conduct themselves with self discipline, humbleness and courtesy.
2. Students have to absolutely refrain from indecent behaviour, violence, ganging, meaningless clamor and such other untoward attitudes.
3. Students have to regularly check the notice boards to get updates about the special events or programme to be conducted or important announcements related to fees, examination dates, etc.
4. Students may make ample use of reading room and library in their free hours.
5. Students have to come to the college in uniform every day
6. Students have to be amiable and decent in their interaction with fellow college mates.
7. Usage of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in college campus.
8. Students have to be punctual and regular to classes.
9. Approval of the principal related to regularities of attendance and satisfactory conduct of the students in college is a must. Failing which, they may have to forego taking up exams. It is mandatory for all students to have 75% attendance in all subjects, including practical classes.
10. Disrupting or dislocating the equipments and furniture of the college is considered a serious offence and will incur severe penalty.
11. Perpetrating any grievous wrongs or violating the college norms will be unpardonable and will incite stern disciplinary action from students' welfare officer.
12. It is mandatory for every student to wear their ID card and should produce it whenever the college authorities demand it.
13. Without the prior permission of the principal, students are not supposed to bring any outsiders or conduct activities in the college campus.
14. Students should give an undertaking that they would refrain from ragging or any illegal activities.
15. Students are not supposed to endorse any political party or its activities within the college campus.
16. It is mandatory for every student to actively take part in Institutional Social Responsibility by becoming members in NCC, NSS, YRC, Rangers and Rovers, Sports, Cultural, Eco-Club, , Red Ribbon Club and Clean & Green Club.

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