Government Science College, Chitradurga
Publications of Research articles by the Faculty
  Dr.Thalari Chandrasekhar     Department of Electronics        
SL No Title of the Paper Name of the Journal ISSN Publication Year Link to the paper
2 Design and Development of Colour Identification System Using AT89C51 Microcontroller International Journal of Materials Sciences 0973-4589 2008
3 Design and Implementation of Ethernet Based Embedded System for the Measurement of Dielectric Constant in Solids Sensors & Transducers Journal 1726-5479 2011
4 Embedded Based DC Motor Speed Control System Sensors & Transducers Journal 1726-5479 2010
5 Solution Based-Spin Cast Processed Polypyrrole/Niobium Pentoxide Nanocomposite as Room Temperature Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sensor Materials and Manufacturing Processes 1042-6914 2016
6 Optimized polyaniline-transition l oxide composites: A comparative study of alternating current conductivity via correlated barrier hopping model POLYMER COMPOSITES 1548-0569 2017
7 Alternating current conduction studies of hybrid nanocomposite at room temperature Int. J. Nano and Biomaterials 1752-8941 2017
8 AC conduction studies on biodegradable Poly vinyl alcoholstarch/ NaI blend at room temperature IEEE Xplore 978-1-7281-4640-9 2020 10.1109/ASET48392.2020.9118356
  Channakeshava RN   Department of Computer Science        
SL No Title of the Paper Name of the Journal ISSN Publication Year Link to the paper
1 A Review of Solutions to Avoid DNS Attacks on Net-Banking Systems International Journal of Engineering Research 2321-7758 2017 FileHandler/153-NoFile
2 A Study of Security Schemes and Related Issues inOnline Payment Systems International Journal of Scientific & Engineering Research 2229-5518 2017 FileHandler/153-NoFile
3 MULTI-HOP CLUSTER BASED MESSAGE PROPAGATION WITH CELLULAR-IOT IN VEHICULAR COMMUNICATION International Journal of Research and Analytical Reviews (IJRAR) 2348-1269 2019 FileHandler/153-NoFile
4 Overview of Algorithm for Clustering in VANETs TEST Engineering and Management 0193-4120 2020
6 A Study on Energy-Efficient Communication in VANETs Using Cellular IoT Intelligence Enabled Research - Springer 978-981-15-9290-4 2020
7 Implementation of Cellular IoT over VANETs for Efficient Communication of Safety Messages Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education 1309-4653 2021
  Dr P T Manjunatha    Department of Mathematics        
SL No Title of the Paper Name of the Journal ISSN Publication Year Link to the paper
1 Mathematical and Engineering Aspects of Jeffrey Fluid through a cattaeno -christov Heat flux over an Incessant  Moving needle by considering darcy Forchimer Porus Mediumno Journal of Engineering Mathematics &Statics 2972-3337 2021
2 Significance of Stefan Blowing and convective heat transfer in aNano Fluid Flow Over a Curved Stretching shèt with Chemical reaction  Journal of Nanofluids 2021.1786 2021
3 Thermal radiation and Hall effects on boundary layer flow past a non-isothermal  stretching surface embedded in porous medium with non uniform heat source/sink and fluid particle suspension  Heat and Mass transfer,52 897-911(2016) 2015
4 Effect of nonlinear radiation on flowxand hest transfer of dusty fluid over a stretching cylinder with cattaneo-Christov heat flux International journal of Modern Physics C 0129-1831 2021 DOI:10.1142/S012918312150564
5 Flow and Heat transfer of Non-newtonian fluid over a stretching sheet Journal of Information and Computational Science  1548-7741 2020
6 Numerical simulation of carbon nanotubes nanofluid flow over vertically moving disk with rotation Partial Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics  2666-8181 2021
7 Numerical solution for hydromagnetic boundary layer flow and heat transfer pastxa stretching surface embedded in non Darcy porous medium with fluid particle suspension Journal of the Nigerian Mathematical Society  2015-0003 2015
8 Melting phenomenon in MHD stagnation point flow of Dudty fluid over a Stretching sheet in the presence of thermal radiation and Non-Uniform Heat Source/Sink International journal for computational methods in engineering science and  mechanics  1550-2287 2015
9 Dynamics of thermal marangoni stagnation point flow in dusty casson nanofluid International journal of modelling and simulation  0228-6203 2021
  Dr. Sathisha A B   Department of Mathematics        
SL No Title of the Paper Name of the Journal ISSN Publication Year Link to the paper
1 Mathematical Model on the function of Kidney in reference to a Peristaltic Moment. IJMTT 2231 - 5373 2020
2 Mathematical Analysis on the Physiological effects of Noise. IJMTT 2231 - 5373 2020
3 A Mathematical Approach on the study of glucose - Insulin Model to Quantify the Various Levels of Glucose Uptake in Response to Insulin Bahavior. IJIRMF 2455 - 0620 2020 FileHandler/153-NoFile
4 Mathematical Investigation on the physiological Effects of Road Traffic Noise: A Reference to Varying Frequency. IJIRMF 2455 - 0620 2020 FileHandler/153-NoFile
5 Mathematical Modeling on Peristaltic Transport of Two Layered Viscous Incompressible Fluid in Relation to Varying Wall Moment. IJESM 2320 - 0294 2020 FileHandler/153-NoFile
6 Mathematical Analysis of Peristaltic Transport with a reference to Casson Fluid IJESM 2320 - 0294 2020 ijesm&volume=9&issue=7&article=005
7 Mathematical Approach of the Tumor Growth Model: A Discussion on Glioma Tumor. IJRASET 2321 - 9653 2020
8 Mathematical Study on Spread of Infectious Diseases : S-I-R Model with a reference to Industrial Pollution. IJRASET 2321- 9633 2020
9 Mathematical Analysis on the Physiological Effects of Water pollution IJEDR 2321 - 9939 2020 FileHandler/153-NoFile
10 Mathematical Analysis of Pulsatile Flow of Blood in Bifurcation with Varying Frequency IJEDR 2321 - 9939 2020 FileHandler/153-NoFile
  Dr. Muhammed Zafar Iqbal Navalgund   Department of Zoology  
SL No Title of the Paper Name of the Journal ISSN Publication Year Link to the paper
1 Cytogenetic Studies in the green mussel, Pernaviridis(Mytiloida: Pteromorphia), from West Coast of India.  Marine Biology(Impact factor 2.778) 1432-1793 2008
2 Antimicrobial potential of bacteriocin producing Lysinibacillus jx416856 against foodborne bacterial and fungal pathogens, isolated from fruits and vegetable waste. Anaerobe (Impact factor 3.331)  1075-9964 2014
3 Magnetic Nanoparticles: Properties, Synthesis, and Biomedical Applications. Current Drug Metabolism 1389-2002  2014
4 A Novel DNase likes compound that inhibits viral propagation, from Asian Green mussel, Pernaviridis (Mytilidae). Indian Journal of Experimental Biology(Impact factor 0.818) 0975-1009  2016
5 Tumor – Targeted Drug Delivery by Nanocomposites. Current Drug Metabolism (Impact factor 3.731)   1389-2002  2020
6 Inhibition Kinetics of immobilized Cathepsin B on the Surface of Gold Nanoparticles. Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications 2321-4007  2020 FileHandler/153-NoFile
7 Mucormycosis – The Rise of a Seemingly Uncommon Disease in The Context of The COVID 19 Pandemic. Everyman’s Science (ISCA Journal) 0531-495X 2022 FileHandler/153-NoFile
8 Physical mapping of 18S rRNA gene in green mussel, Pernaviridis – An indication of higher major rRNA gene clusters Russian Journal of Marine Biology (Impact factor 0.675) 1608-3377  2022
9 In vivo Immunotoxicity Assessment of Atrazine in two Economically-Important Marine Pelecypoda Species Bioscience Biotechnology Research Communications 2321-4007  2022 FileHandler/153-NoFile

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