Mission Vision and Goals


  • To be a lead institution of par excellence in Science area.
  • To prepare job creators and not job seekers.
  • To prepare students for global challenges and the consequent societal transformation.
  • To instill qualities of integrity, patriotism and international outlook.
  • To sow the seeds of research abilities, a dispassionate mind and skills of conducting surveys and project work.
  • Supporting faculty development programmes and continuing education programmes.
  • Promoting institution industry interaction and collaboration at all levels.
  • Ensuring harmonious and mutually rewarding relationships among all stakeholders of the institution


Our vision is the commitment to pursue excellence and the highest goals of Science education


  • Imparting knowledge and skills envisaged in various programmes through innovative teaching, participatory learning and reliable evaluation.
  • Creating opportunities for character building by inculcating the values of discipline, leadership, tolerance, the spirit of enquiry and scientific temperament.
  • Enabling students to be responsible, responsive and productive by providing them effective counseling in academic, career and personal areas.
  • Sponsoring program aiming at the enhancement of cognitive and learning skills among teachers and students, through faculty development programmes and continuing education programmes.
  • Supporting and encouraging student support activities such as sports, arts, literary and cultural activities.
  • Chalking out programmes to enhance analytical skills, ICT skills and communicative skills of students so that they can become globally competent individuals.

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