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Govt Arts College was established in the year 1886. It is situated in the heart of the Bangalore city. During the British Rule it was known as the collegiate high school and was called the intermediate college. In the later period after 1958 it came to be famously known as GAS College. i.e.,Govt Arts & Science College. In 1971   Arts & Science was bifurcated.

This college has played a vital role in transforming the youth into socially concerned and responsible citizens. Justice Nitoor Shrinivasa Rao was a student of this prestigious institution. The father of the nation Mahathma Gandhiji visited this college in 1915. The auditorium of the college is named after him.

Most of the students of this college come from deprived castes and classes and sometimes are even the first generation learners. The college organizes various co-curricular activities to enable overall personality of its students.

GAC is one of the most preferred govt colleges in Bangalore. We endeavor to provide all students with the opportunity to develop further and gain qualifications in a caring and supportive environment. We have a long history of being recognized as a college at the heart of the local community, this is further highlighted by our extensive range of courses which attract a diverse range of individuals to the college year on year..

At the college, we offer the courses most suited to our students' requirements; it is our ive to help them achieve their potential and to provide the individual with the opportunity to gain qualifications and progress to Higher Education if they wish to do so. The College was accredited with 'B' Grade by NAAC, in 2003, re- accredited with 'B' Grade in 2010 and in 2014 with B++ for the advice and guidance given to students helping them to make an informed choice about what to study.

Our aim is to accomplish academic brilliance and professional aptitude; to inculcate a sense of social concern and integrity so as to mould our students into responsible, morally upright and socially conscious individuals. We uphold national integration, non-violence and secularism.

If you are looking for a college which values the individual and can offer an excellent learning environment then we invite you to come and take a closer look at our college.

Improving the quality of our students' performance, achievement and experience is also very important to us.If you are looking for a college which values the individual and can offer an excellent learning environment then we invite you to come and take a closer look at our College.

Principal's Desk

The purpose of education is to create skill and knowledge and awareness of our glorious national heritage and the achievements of human civilization, possessing a basic, scientific outlook and commitment to the ideals of patriotism, democracy, secularism, socialism, peace and principles enunciated in the preamble of our constitution.

Higher education should produce leaders of the society and should enable to achieve success in all areas of activities with a commitment to the aforesaid ideals. 

Higher education should strive for academic excellence and program of “all faculties and branches of knowledge”. Education, research and extension should be conducted in conformity with the national needs and priorities and ensure that best talents make benefiting contribution to international peace and progress.

The two basic essential requirements of the nation owe education and health without which we can never grow into healthy nation. Our mission is develop a free, healthy, enlightened society and to promote the principles of the national integration, social justice, secularism and democratic way of life.

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