Best Practices

1. Assembly of students and Teachers: Every Thursday open assembly of students and staff has been in the practice. It is a unique practice of the Institute to disseminate news, instructions, warnings, etc. to all students at a time. It is of much help to encourage students' participation in co-curricular activities. Students and staff come to know about the activities which take place in the institute and in turn they get encouraged to participate in those activities.

Objectives of the Practice:

a) To share views, thoughts, news, etc. among teachers and students.

b) To give away the awards, prizes, and certificates of students and teachers and thereby applaud their achievements.

c) To create awareness about patriotism by singing Naada Geethe (regional anthem) and National Anthem.

d) To provide any information, instructions, about curricular and co-curricular activities which are going to be conducted in the college, etc. This practice encourages many talented students to participate in cultural and co-curricular activities in and out of the institution. Many students have participated in inter-college and university-level sports and cultural competitions and won prizes for the Institute.

2. One step closer to Nature- “Dhanvanthri Vana’’ One of the milestone initiatives of the college is, the launching of a medicinal value plant garden on the campus. The garden is named after the great sage and father of Ayurveda, Dhanvanthri. Goal: To install the value of our environment and implant the knowledge of herbal medicine among the students. Objectives: As an institutional ive, we have prioritized the planting of medicinal saplings, it is inevitable for the institution to take a pledge for a green campus. To nullify the negative effects of pollution to mark the occasion to install a sense of environmental concern through practical orientation. This endeavor has been consistent in its practice. Obstacles: Due to Lockdown on account of Covid-19, students were restricted for entry. This delayed the take-off of the project. Impact: Students were very keen to be a part of the mission and contribute to environmental sustainability.



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