Facilities for Differently-Able Persons

In order to develop awareness in the higher education system and also to provide necessary guidance and counselling to differently-abled persons, it is expected that the Institutes.

The major functions are as follows

  • To provide counselling to differently - abled students on the types of courses they could study at the higher education institutions.
  • To ensure admission of as many differently-abled students as possible through the open quota and also through the reservation meant for them.
  • To gather orders dealing with fee concessions, examination procedures, reservation, policies, etc., pertaining to differently-abled persons.
  • policies, etc., pertaining to differently-abled persons.
  • To assess the educational needs of differently abled persons enrolled in the higher education institutes to determine the types of assistive devices to be procured.
  • To conduct awareness programmes for teachers of the institute about the approaches to teaching, evaluation procedures, etc, which they should address in the case of differently-abled students.
  • To study the aptitude of differently-abled students and assist them in getting appropriate employment when desired by them after their studies.
  • To celebrate important days pertaining to disability such as the World Disabled Day, White Cane Day, etc., in the institute and also in the neighbourhood in order to create awareness about the capabilities of differently-abled persons.

Providing Access to Differently-abled persons

It has been felt that differently-abled persons need special arrangements in the environment for their mobility and independent functioning. The institutes should create special facilities such as ramps, rails and special toilets, and make other necessary changes to suit the special needs of differently-abled persons. The colleges are expected to address accessibility related issues as per the stipulations of the Persons with Disabilities Act 1995.

Providing Special Equipment to Differently-abled persons

Differently -  abled persons require special aids and appliances for their daily functioning. These aids are available through various schemes of the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment. In addition, Visually challenged students need Readers, Scribes during examinations for writing purposes, proper and regular counseling and guidance by their mentors.


Scholarship for Differently- Abled Persons


Disability Act


Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities




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